American Makers A - D




Abernathy Furniture Co.

·         Kansas City, MO, ca.1893 - 1918, then Leavenworth, KA, - 1950s

·         chairs, rockers, bed frames, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture


Shop Marks:


616f_12 F114BMissionBed3


Catalog: 1916, mix of styles including Mission







Invoice, 1907


Aladdin Co.

·         Bay City, MI, 1906 - 1981

·         major maker of mail order ‘kit’ homes

·         also supplied Mission (and other style) furniture to accompany homes; also china, porcelain enameled bathroom fixtures, stoves, furnaces, extensive lighting, ice boxes, etc. 

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aladdin_Company




1916 1917 76_1

1916, 1917, 1918


Albert Furniture Co.

·         Chicago, IL, (Shelbyville IN ?) early 1900s

·         institutional, hotel, restaurant chairs, other furnishings


Shop Mark:




W.S. Allan Mfg. Co.

·         Whitney Point, NY


Allen Chair Co. (Corp.)

·         Concord Junction (West Concord) MA, 1906 - 1956

·         chairs, desks, stools, umbrella stands, army cots for WW1, school and office furniture


Shop Marks:


6c_1 offtag MissionChairs010


W.D. Allison Co.

·         Indianapolis, IN, early - mid 1900s

·         display cabinets, medical furniture


Shop Marks:


a.jpg F986CAllisonDrTable.jpg


Amberg File & Index Co.

·         Chicago, Il, (New York & London offices), late 1800s – ca. 1950s

·         filing cabinets, card files


Shop Marks:

MissionFileCabinetCabinet2a1%20x cc_1_b.jpg


F489CFile3 issionFileCabinetAa1_edited2%20(Small)

Two versions of filing cabinet tag with 1906 patent


American Chair (Mfg.) Co.

·         Brandt and Hallstead, PA, 1892 - ?, Seymour, IN, ca.1905, Sheboygan, WI, ca. 1916 - ca. 1920

·         chairs, rockers, Morris chairs, parlor sets similar to Harden, Merikord” wicker

·         advertised in the Michigan Artisan, Oct. 1905


Shop Marks: paper label “Made by American Chair Mfg. Co., Hallstead, Pa.”; and:





Mark used on wicker: “MERIKORD /The World’s Best Woven Furniture / AMERICAN CHAIR COMPANY / SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN”


Catalog: 1920 (preceded by picture of logo from inside cover page)


A0344-02-72dpi A0344-01-72dpi 


Arcadia Furniture Co.

·         Arcadia, MI, 1906 - 1952

·         low to medium quality dressers, beds, sideboards

·         used mechanically printed graining to simulate oak


Catalogs: 1909 & 1913


1909CtlgCvrat50  1913CtlgCvrat50


Auglaize Furniture Co.

·         New Breman, OH, 1912 - ?

·         desks


Shop Mark:








J.W. Bailey & Sons Co.

·         Boston, MA, 1873 - ?

·         Mission style fireplace mantels, mirrors


Catalog: ca. 1910




Bailey Tables

·         Jamestown, NY, early 1900s – 1928?

·         all types tables and desks, sideboards, china cabinets


Shop Marks:


a 1 0222_10





1914 catalog in rear with supplement in front


Baker Furniture Inc.

·         Allegan, Holland, Grand Rapids, MI, 1903 - present

·         major Grand Rapids firm with only vague Mission and Art Nouveau influence; prolific in other styles

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2385/baker-furniture-inc


Barber Brothers Chair Co.

·         Grand Rapids/Hastings, MI, ca. 1900 - 1911

·         founded by A.A. Barber who also founded Grand Rapids Bookcase Co.; merged the companies in 1911 to become Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Co. or more commonly known by the Lifetime trade name

·         another interest founded by Barber, with John Shank, was a sales agency known as Barber and Shank which consigned pieces from Grand Rapids Bookcase Co. (see this listing for a mark)

·         “Hastings Lines” brand name; stout and boxy with coarse leather, oversized tacks etc.

·         chairs, rockers, settees, couches, Morris chairs, footstools, book/magazine racks, umbrella stands, stained glass table and floor lamps

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2411/barber-brothers-chair-co


Shop Marks:


1144997942319_Barber_Bros_Umbrella_007%20x untitled


a chairset%20tag

Three variants, above, of ‘Hastings’ tag with different fonts, followed by Grand Rapids variant



Interesting combination of Barber Brothers (Grand Rapids variant) (bottom) and Grand Rapids Bookcase Co. (top) marks found on dining chairs, presumably showing how the marks were used in the early days of the two companies merger in 1910 - 1911



Another interesting combination of Barber Brothers (Hastings variant) and an early Lifetime mark, ca.1910 - 1911


Barber and Shank Co.

·         See discussion under both Barber Brothers Chair Co. and Grand Rapids Bookcase Co.


Bardwell-Robinson Co.

·         Minneapolis, MN, Fargo, ND, early 1900s

·         built-in furniture, sideboards, colonnades, mantels, radiator grills, medicine cabinets, kitchen cupboards, linen closets, wardrobes


Catalog: undated



“Built In Furniture”


Batesville Novelty Co.

·         Batesville, IN, early 1900s

·         hall trees


Shop Mark: rectangular paper label


Thomas P. Beals Furniture Company

·         Portland, ME, 1867 – 1970s ?

·         known for Colonial style but catalog (below) notes “Mission” pieces


Catalog: 1913




Beebe & Runyon Furniture Co.

·         Omaha, NB, ?at least 1965

·         desks, chairs


Shop Mark:




Beelman Cabinet Co.

·         Cleveland, OH, at least 1906 - 07

·         Mission rockers, tables, magazine stands, medicine cabinets; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906, 1907)


Bedford Hickory Furniture Co. (?)

·         Bedford, IN

·         rustic style


Charles Bennett Furniture Co.

·         Charlotte, MI, at least 1907

·         sideboards, china cabinets, dining tables; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1907, 1908)


S. Bent & Brothers

·         Gardner, MA, 1867 – ca. 2000?

·         chairs, tables, foot stools, settees


Shop Marks:


30_3 70f8_1


Bentley & Gerwig Furniture Co.

·         Parkersburg, WV, ca. 1891 – ca. 1912

·         desks


Shop Mark:




Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1873 - 1931

·         advertised non-Arts & Crafts/Mission styles in the Roycrofters magazine “The FRA”

·         general line, “Modern English” bedroom suite, and “Mission” dining suite seen in advertising, English influence; thin Arts & Crafts/Mission representation, the 1910 catalog reportedly had no Arts & Crafts/Mission furniture

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkey_and_Gay_Furniture_Company_Factory

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2299/berkey-and-gay-furniture-compa


Shop Marks: circular mark starting 1905 (branded version earliest)


AntiqueShowcase%2520009d ox12 x 1ef4_1

Branded, brass tag, and paper decal variants



Variant with the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers Association triangle


Binghamton Chair Co. (Binghamton Lounge Co. ca1911 (?))

·         Binghamton, NY, early 1900s – ca. 1925

·         chairs, arm chairs, Morris chairs, rockers, rustic line called “Barnegat”


Shop Mark:


x miss3 b


Catalog: undated “Barnegat Cedar and Maple Rustic Furniture for Porches and Lawns”







Shipping postcard, 1913


Birger Mfg. Co. Inc.

·         Little Falls, NY, ca. 1920

·         stacking bookcases; possible affiliation with Lundstrom (same town, same product, genealogy record for ‘Birger Lundstrom’ found ca. 1916-18 for Little Falls, NY)






Bishop Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1895 – present

·         manufacturer, retailer, and mail order, later just a retailer

·         general line, Morris chairs, davenports, tables, chairs, commodes, dressers, couches, cabinets

·         apparently sold both their own manufactured goods and those of other firms but did not clearly differentiate between these

·         the third listed furniture company to advertise in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine in December 1902 identifying specifically the manufacture of “Mission” style furniture, thus identifying the company as one of the earliest period makers


Shop Marks:


untitled bishoptbl003


Catalog: no date




B-J Co.

·         Jamestown, NY?, late 1800s ? - ?

·         tabourettes, games table


Shop Marks:


x A972-label

Numbers are presumably model numbers


Black River Bending Co. (Kamargo Shops)

·         Black River, NY, 1860 - incorporation 1889 - reorganized 1895 - 1916

·         desks, tables, chairs, rockers, settees, tabourets, book stands, couches, dining chairs, parlor suites, arm chairs, jardinière stands, writing desks, large tables; and bentwood summer furniture, cradles, rustic

·         beginning 1901, imitating Gustav Stickley, wide range of quality

·         fire in 1912 resulted in H.C. Dexter helping to fulfill bentwood orders


Shop Mark:


missionrockerblack%20008 x


Bohm Cabinet Co.

·         Rochester, NY, early 1900s

·         drink stands


Shop Mark:




Boling Chair Co.

·         Siler City, NC, 1904? - 1990s?

·         office chairs, arm chairs, desks


Shop Mark:




Bourn-Hadley Co.

·         Templeton, MA, 1864 - 1922

·         desks


Shop Marks:


0354_3_lg 90_3


John Scott Bradstreet (Bradstreet and Co.)

·         Minneapolis, MN, late 1800s – 1914 (deceased)

·         interior designer with many high profile commissions, and retail shop called the ‘Crafthouse’ (1904) that carried Gustav Stickley and well known pottery and metal makers

·         manufacturer of unique Arts & Crafts Japanese style jin-di-sugi raised grain furniture (starting  in 1903) and woodwork, that incorporated elements of organic Art Nouveau and Japanese decoration; surviving examples are rare


Brooks Manufacturing Co. (as of 1908)

·         Saginaw, MI, 1901 – 1922 (but sold boats until the 1940s)

·         general line, mail order knock-down style, unfinished and plain sawn at first but later changed to quarter sawn and finished, also boats (originally called the Brooks Boat Manufacturing Company), marine supplies, houses

·         made a few copies of Charles Limbert pieces

·         not clear if they manufactured or contracted furniture production


Shop Mark: paper label with “C.C. Brooks” (President) along the bottom; logo appears to be from a known boat catalog; authenticity unknown and furniture relationship unknown


0028_3_lg b







brooks1a 1916

1916; similar to earlier covers (ca. 1912) and contents; re-use of catalog content from year to year was done by various companies as a way to keep costs down


C.G. Brown Furniture Co.

·         Syracuse, NY


W.B. Brown Co.

·         Huntington then Bluffton, IN, ca. 1906-1923

·         not explicitly a furniture company but was the major manufacturer and distributor to other companies of oak base table lamps, that are synonymous with the Mission furniture style; held a patent (1906) on knock-down lamp design that allowed easy and cheap shipment and as a result produced perhaps the majority of all period lamps

·         much of the firm’s output was produced for resale by retailers, wholesale lighting houses, and furniture companies, including Montgomery Ward (retailer), Come-Packt,  the R. Williamson Lighting Company (Chicago, IL), the M.L. Nelson Furniture Co. (wholesaler), the Brooks Manufacturing Company, the Stuart-Howland Lighting Company (Boston, MA), and the Tower-Binford Electric and Manufacturing Company (Richmond, VA), and likely the Shop of the Crafters

·         also sold direct to the public by mail-order under the trade name ‘Marion Mission’ (referring to Marion, IN, being close to Bluffton) as advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine; this presumably created conflict with retailers who were selling the exact same Brown models supplied by the noted furniture companies

·         also made chandeliers and stained glass windows

·         glass supplied by the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company (Kokomo, IN), who also supplied Tiffany, and who are still in business today


Shop Mark: brand “PATENTED / AUGUST 7, 1906 / WB BROWN CO / BLUFFTON IND”




Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.

·         Chicago, IL (New York, Cincinnati, and San Francisco, plus numerous factories and branch offices), 1884 - 1960 (name change)

·         Mission style billiard tables, cue racks

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brunswick_Corporation


Shop Marks:  two marks shown from Monarch model variants which was a massive Mission style table, followed by two marks found on Mission style cue racks


x xx


untitled b untitled2


Catalog: reproduction of 1916, example shown with Arts and Crafts style cover




Budde & Weis Manufacturing Co.

·         Jackson, TN, early 1900s

·         church furniture


Shop Mark:




Buffalo Chair Works

·         Buffalo, NY, 1875 - 1919?

·         general line, rockers, chairs


Shop Marks:


F6361z x 1

Three variants with different graphic and letter spacing 


H.C. Bunnell

·         Westport, NY, 1905 - 1920s?

·         original ‘Adirondack’ style chairs, patented and marketed as “Westport Chair”, made from hemlock/hickory


Shop Mark: "U.S. Pat. JULY 18, 1905/CANADIAN PAT. FEB. 5, 1907/MFD BY H.C. BUNNELL/WESTPORT, N.Y."




Byrdcliffe Arts & Crafts Colony 

·         Woodstock, NY, 1902 - 1910 (furniture ca. 1903 - 1905)

·         founded by Ralph Radcliffe-Whitehead; extremely rare, possibly no more than 50 pieces known with only half sold at the time of manufacture and half used and kept in colony buildings until the 1970’s of which most were unfinished presumably to be sold as such for customers to finish themselves

·         tables, desks, benches, chests, also pottery, textiles, metalware

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byrdcliffe_Colony


Shop Mark: branded (with facsimile on right)







Cadillac Cabinet Co.

·         Detroit, MI, ca. 1906 - 1911

·         advertised in the Roycrofters magazine “The FRA” and in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1910, 1911, 1913), as a subsidiary of the Wolverine Mfg. Co.

·         general line, desks, desk-table combinations


Shop Mark:


FN_042 61_1_sbl

Two variants with slightly different colors, or faded color


C.F. Cade

·         drafting table and side bookcase combination


California Mission Furniture Co. (possibly a retailer)

·         rockers, desks


Camden Cabinet Co.

·         Camden, NY

·         stacking bookcases


C.H. Campbell Furniture Co.

·         Shelbyville, IN, 1900 – at least 1922

·         hall furniture, ladies desks


Shop Mark:




Canastota Couch Co.

·         Canastota, NY, 1900 – at least 1913


Carey Furniture Company

·         Ashland, NH, early 1900s

·         dining sets






Carrom-Archarena Co. (also Carrom Co.)

·         Ludington, MI, late 1889 – 1950s ?

·         folding oak game tables “Peerless” brand, banquet tables, piano benches, crokinole boards


Shop Marks:


fd1 0f_1


Catskill Mission Furniture Co.

·         Woodstock, NY, early 1900s

·         small pieces




Cedar Rapids Woodworking Co.

·         Cedar Rapids, IO, early 1900s

·         footstools, shop mark appears to say couch frames, lounges, sofa beds


Shop Mark:




Central Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, ca. 1893 - 1904

·         rectilinear Mission line with leaded and stained art glass


Central Furniture Co.

·         Rockford, IL, at least 1915 – at least 1932

·         sideboards


Shop Mark:




Century Cabinet Co.

·         early 1900s

·         stacking bookcases including “Artcraft” Mission style


Catalog: undated


CenturyCatalog (Small)


Chair Craft Co.

·         Traverse City, MI, at least 1911-1914

·         Morris chairs with footrest extensions, “Comfort Chair” and “Rest Fest Reclining Chair” brands


Shop Mark: plate "Rest Fest. A feast of rest. Chair Craft Co. Traverse City, Mich."


Charlotte Chair Co. (Charlotte Co. Inc.)

·         Charlotte & Grand Rapids, MI, later Belding MI, 1912 - 1973

·         wood and upholstered chairs, case goods, for office, health care, hospitality, institutional markets


Shop Marks:


F652B4 F270BSixChairs4x

“Charlotte Chair Co. / Charlotte, Mich. / No.”, on first example


Charlotte Mfg. Co

·         Charlotte, MI, at least 1908

·         library tables; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1908)


Chicago Mission Furniture Co.

·         Chicago, IL, ca. 1904 - 1911

·         chairs, tables, settles, desks, bed frames, dressers


Shop Mark: paper label


Catalog: 1910-1911




Chittenden & Eastman Co. (might be associated with Eastman Line)

·         Burlington, IO, 1899 – present?

·         general line, china cabinets, ‘Thebes’ stools, chairs, rockers, marketed as “Square Brand”


Shop Marks:


b z a


ab42_3 F006CMissionRocker4




1921  chitt1927

1921 and 1927, containing both Mission and other styles


Cinney & Binly Table Co.

·         Chicago, IL, Grand Rapids, MI, ca. 1902

·         tables and desks with cut outs


Shop Mark:



ca. 1902 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


Clemetson Co.

·         Chicago, IL, early 1900s

·         Clemco’ roll top and standard desks


Shop Marks:


untitled 01_3 x


Cochran Chair Co.

·         Aurora, IN, 1879 - 1973

·         side chairs, rockers, tables


Shop Mark:


MVC-050S_006 x


Collier Barnett Co.

·         Toledo, OH, ca. 1920s

·         Bilt Well Mill Work” including built-in buffets, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, colonnades, fireplace surrounds, and wide range of door, stair, window and trim mill work






Colonial Chair Co.

·         Chicago, IL, ca. 1915 - 1916

·         despite the company name, Mission style dining chairs, bedroom chairs, desk chairs, children's chairs, rockers, office chairs, shoe store stools, jury chairs, cafe chairs, sewing rockers


Shop Mark:




Catalog: 1915 - 1916




Colonial Manufacturing Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1906 - 1983

·         spinet desks


Columbia Mantel Co.

·         Louisville, KY, ca. 1919

·         library tables, fireplace mantels, phonographs?


Shop Marks:


7806_1 79f8_1




Columbia Parlor Frame Co.

·         Chicago, IL, early 1900s

·         chairs, settles, rockers


Come-Packt Furniture Co. (originally the International Manufacturing Co.)

·         Ann Arbor, MI, and head office in Toledo, OH from 1911, (1906?)1907 – 1918

·         general line, mail order knock-down style, lamps (presumably supplied by W.B. Brown Co.), also “Willo-Weave” wicker

·         advertised in the Roycrofters magazine “The FRA” and Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1910, 1911, 1914), using text such as: “Which Price Do You Pay?” seemingly poking at higher pricing of Stickley products

·         not clear if they manufactured or contracted furniture production


Shop Mark:







Date? (from Craftsman Auctions Catalog, Sale #3, January 19, 1997)


pakt5 1910

1908, 1910


DSC05010%20(Small) letters%20of%20appreciation LotImg23618

1912, flyer with letters of appreciation 1912, and “Mission Portables”


Conant, Ball Co.

·         Boston, MA, late1800s - 1950s?

·         chairs, footstools; “modern” furniture in later years


Shop Mark:




F. H. Conant's Sons

·         Camden, NY, 1876 - ?

·         general line?, rockers

·         purchased wood, leather, nails, horsehair, stain, and dowels from J.M. Young (note the near identical similarity between the F.H. Conant shop mark and the early Young shop mark – perhaps Young also printed labels for Conant)


Shop Marks:


41_3 112107009a


Conrey & Birely Table Co. (later called Davis-Birely Table Co., assumed relationship to Conrey-Davis Co.?)

·         Shelbyville, IN, ca. 1884  – 1901?, also Chicago and Grand Rapids

·         general line, centre tables, parlor tables, library tables; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906)


Conrey-Davis Mfg. Co. (assumed relationship to Conrey & Birley Table Co. and Davis-Birely Table Co.)

·         Shelbyville, IN, 1901? - 1924

·         dining tables, assumed general line?, plus smalls or “Novelty” items – small tables, umbrella stands, shaving stands, smoking stands, mirrors, cabinets; advertised in the Michigan Artisan


Shop Marks:






Catalogs: “Novelty Catalog” 1911 and 1912




Converse Manufacturing Co.

·         Grand Rapids and Newago, MI, 1889 - 1898

·         cited as an early maker with English Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Mission influences


The Cook Company

·         Michigan City, IN, at least 1903

·         advertised a Mission line in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine December 1903, called “Hand Made Kenilworth Furniture” including a parlor set of arm chair, rocker and settle, plus “Philippine Fiber Furniture”


Cortland Furniture (later Cortland Cabinet) Co.

·         Cortland, NY, early 1900s

·         sideboards, china cabinets, parlour sets similar to Harden


Shop Marks: circular black paper label, serrated edges, “Manufacturer’s of Buffets and China Closets”, and examples below of paper and cloth variants


b2_1 x

(second example from gustavstickley.com)


Crandall-Bennett-Porter Co.

·         Montoursville, PA, 1906 - 1919?

·         dining tables


Shop Mark:




Craftsman’s Shop of Ossining (Briar Cliff)

·         Ossining, NY, early 1900s

·         general line


Shop Mark: “BRIAR CLIFF”


Crawford Chair Co.

·         Grand Ledge, MI, 1902 - 1931

·         founded by Edward Crawford who left the Grand Ledge Chair Co.

·         chairs with English/Scottish Arts and Crafts influence, rockers, dining tables


Shop Mark:




Crex Grass Furniture (Prairie Grass Furniture Co. / parent company American Grass Twine Company)

·         Glendale (Long Island), NY, 1899 - 1933, also factory in Brooklyn, NY, and rug plants in Saint Paul, MN, Oshkosk and West Superior, WI

·         Mission style ‘wire grass’ furniture, general line, including painted colors i.e. green, brown etc., also grass rugs

·         advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1910, 1911)


Catalog: 1916




Crocker Chair Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, 1880 - 1924

·         dining chairs, cabinetwork, office chairs, child’s rockers


Shop Marks:


592j x


crocker crock


Cron-Kills Co.

·         Piqua, OH

·         drop front desks


Shop Mark:




Culler Furniture Co.

·         Williamsport, PA, early 1900s

·         catalog (below) notes Mission rockers, general line in other styles


Catalog: 1910




Curtis Lumber and Millwork Co.

·         Clinton, IO, late 1800s – at least 1952

·         built-in nooks, collonades, cupboards, interior and exterior doors, porchwork, newels, stairways, window sashes and casements, storefronts, verandas, garage doors, millwork, moulding; supplier to Sears kit homes and some evidence that Curtis may have also made stand alone furniture for Sears kit homes (e.g. trestle tables)


Shop Mark: ? “Curtis 1866”


Catalogs: 1914, 1917 and 1920


1914 1917%20(Small) 1920 (Small)


H.T. Cushman Mfg. Co.

·         North Bennington, VT, ca. 1903-ca1932

·         made “Old Dutch” bolted furniture, generally low quality, and some pieces in mahogany

·         stools, waste baskets, chairs, tables, stands, wardrobe trees, grandfather clock cases, bookstands, hinged pieces including the “Betumal” (Beat-um-all) telephone stool & table, table-chair combinations, and the “Shynezy Chair” with shoe shine compartment  


Shop Marks:


x betumal5 

Two variants, above, with slightly different text, spacing, and border


tablestooltag betumaltabletag


b7_1 cushman3x


tablelabelx chairtag%20x



Late period tag found on transitional style arm chair




136500088_o clock catalog


Cutler Desk Co.

·         Buffalo, NY, ca. 1850 – at least 1919

·         Abner Cutler was the first American to patent the roll top desk (ca. 1850)

·         desks, roll top desks,  tables


Shop Mark:







John Danner Mfg. Co.

·         Canton, OH, late 1800s - early 1900s

·         revolving bookcases, stacking bookcases, drop front desks, drug store cases, cabinets, stools

·         Victorian era models were carried through to Mission period with revisions; copied by other makers


Shop Marks:  below, plus oval border decal with company name in middle


bk-1188c 053106_(14) x


bk-1187e bk-1216d




Davis-Birely Table Co. (originally called Conrey & Birely Table Co., assumed relationship to Conrey-Davis Co.?)

·         Shelbyville, IN, 1901? - 1938; also Grand Rapids 1909 - 1911?

·         desks, tables


Shop Marks:


x dftag b


Delaware Chair Co.

·         Delaware, OH, late 1800s – ca. 1904

·         chairs, rockers


P. Derby & Co.

·         New York, NY, Boston, MA, Gardner, MA

·         hall trees, stools, chairs, office chairs, roll top desks, rocking chairs


Shop Marks:


mahoffchair1 P1016462 x 3a_1


1 (Small) rocker tag2


J.M. Deutsch Co.

·         Hornell, NY


H.C. Dexter Chair Co. (Ontario Shops)

·         Black River, NY, 1838 – ca. 1912

·         Fires in 1894 and 1900

·         general line, library tables, chairs, rockers, bookcases, day beds, derivative of Gustav Stickley (w/some inlaid chairs) and L. & J.G. Stickley, and rustic birch-bark furniture, room dividers, heavy chairs and rockers w/cut-outs and metal brackets

·         Louis Ridenour was a sales representative and figurehead for the company from 1906 when the Ontario Shops name was introduced but after 1908 appears to have started independently in Vermont (see listing for  Ridenour Shops)

·         assisted Black River Bending fulfill orders after a fire in 1912, and possibly stayed in business until the 1920s making phonographs


Shop Marks: “Ridenour Arts and Crafts Furniture, Ontario Shops, Black River, N.Y.” in a circle with Ridenour crest in the centre (presumably used for only two years 1906-1908), and the following:



Found on a non-Mission style piece but assumed to be the same or similar as used on Mission style based on reference description


Eugene Dietzgen Co.

·         Chicago, IL, 1885 - present (also New York, San Francisco)

·         drafting tables (and surveyors and drafting equipment)


Shop Marks:


x drafting6


Catalogs: 1902 - 1903 and 1921


dietzgen%20(Small) 1920


Direct Furniture Co.

·         Ann Arbor, MI, early 1900s

·         mail order line, dining tables and chairs


Doernbecher Manufacturing Company

·         Portland, OR, 1900 – at least 1926

·         dining room furniture


C.F. Doll Furniture Co.

·         Buffalo, N.Y., early 1900s

·         general line


Shop Mark: rectangular blue paper label w/clipped corners


Doten-Duntan Desk Co.

·         Boston, MA, ca. 1902-1943

·         umbrella/cane stands, desks and office furniture in various styles


Shop Marks:


Label tag


John A. Dunn Co.

·         Gardner, MA, (warehouses: Newton, MA, Chicago, Boston, St. Paul), 1886 - 1902 fire, then to 1920s?

·         supplied other firms

·         reclining Morris chairs, chairs, baby carriages, rattan

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Ainsworth_Dunn


Shop Marks:


dunn bf_3 x


dunn11 5468_1