American Makers M - Q




Macey Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1896 - 1905 Fred Macey Co. Ltd., 1905 - 1908 Macey-Wernicke Co., 1908 - 1940 Macey Co.

·         stacking or ‘barrister’ bookcases (a.k.a. ‘elastic’ bookcases), davenports, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, bank fixtures; advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1914)

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2384/macey-co


Shop Marks:  variety of shop marks depending on model/wood/size/finish; examples:


Pre 1908 (identified by the tail from the ‘Y’ underlining Macey)


2c_1 desklogocy7




Examples below are post 1908 (identified by the tail from the ‘Y’ not underlining Macey)


half%20filer%20tag2 half%20filer%20tag 4ab9_1 b


macey x stackermacey3tmisscomp%202


IG512-3 IG512-4 mullionstack%20tag


1a_3 m1


mah%201 mah%203 5ertag%202




ca1899 1900

1899, 1900?


1900MaceyCover_Small 1904 Macey1908FrontCover_Small

1900, 1904, 1908


1912MaceyCoverAuction Macey1927FrontCover_Small no%20date

1912, 1927, no date, catalog #1316, appears to have Mission style bookcase on cover


Macey1910Filing 1915

1910 and 1915 filing cabinet catalog and flyer





Advertising “Gold Medal” from the Pan-American Exposition, held in Buffalo 1901



Railway shipping tag from American Railway Express Co. found on a Macey stacking bookcase


Maddox Table Co. (Morgan, Maddox & Co.)

Jamestown, NY, 1898 - 1919, then sold to Shearman Brothers Lounge Co.

·         tables, desks


Catalog: 1911




George Washington Maher

·         Chicago, IL, 1888 - 1926

·         early Victorian work evolved to Prairie School, C.F.A. Voysey, and Austrian Secessionist influence in architecture and related furnishings, furniture, lighting, clocks, rugs, metalware

·         pieces are rare; special study required

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Maher


Majestic Furniture Co.

·         Mexico and Herkimer (as of 1911), NY, 1909 - 1914

·         sideboards, dining chairs, tables, arm chairs, rockers, settees, hall and billiard chairs, writing desks, stools

·         high quality line, known for tall back chairs in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, also derivative of Gustav Stickley and L. & J.G. Stickley


Shop Mark: rectangular paper label w/rounded corners


Marble & Shattuck Chair Company (later B. L. Marble Chair Co.)

·         Cleveland (Bedford), OH, 1884 – 1895

·         office chairs; early examples of steam bent arms used in office chairs


Shop Marks:


a b


B. L. Marble Chair Co.

·         Bedford, OH, 1894 - 1985

·         office chairs and other furniture, rockers, coat trees; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906)


Shop Marks:


0e_3%20x e4_3 MVC-035S_014


 offchairtag mochair%20tag

Two examples with and without patent notes


Marietta Chair Co.

·         Marietta, OH, 1800s? per text on shop mark, to early 1900s?

·         rockers, dining chairs


Shop Mark:




Marshall Furniture Co.

·         Lestershire, NY


Mathews Furniture Shop

·         San Francisco, CA, 1906 – 1921?

·         founded by Arthur Frank Mathews, an important Tonalist Arts & Crafts period painter, and his wife Lucia Mathews in 1906 after the San Francisco earthquake to make artistic furniture for many of the great mansions and institutional buildings that were being rebuilt; know as the creators of “California Decorative Style” that also included landscapes, murals, stained glass, carved frames, graphic design and illustrations, and other decorative pieces; also maintained a print shop that published the monthly magazine Philopolis (“published for those who care”) and books and ephemera (note cards, calendars, bookmarks)

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Frank_Mathews


Shop Mark: branded poppy


MathewsChair8 x


Mathews Manufacturing Company

·         Clevland, OH, factory Lakewood, OH, at least 1916 - 1918

·         “Garden Craft” line, garden furniture, arbors, pergolas, fences, trellises, pieces made of cyprus


Shop Mark:


LotImg37533 b

Copy of the shop mark taken from the catalog shown below







A.W. McCloy & Co.

·         Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1904 – at least 1914

·         roll top desks


Shop Mark:




McDonald Furniture Co.

·         Beloit, KA, early 1900s

·         sideboards


Shop Mark:




Joseph P. McHugh & Co.

·         New York, NY, 1884 - 1916

·         early proponent and the originator of the term “Mission furniture” based on comparison to Spanish mission church furniture from California, but ultimately lacked the design and quality of Gustav Stickley et. al.

·         general line including wicker

·         early successful proprietor of “The Popular Shop” in New York

·         known for the ‘McHugh Chair’, characterized by massive legs and posts


Shop Marks:  paper label, decal, or brass tag “JOSEPH P. McHUGH/MISSION FURNITURE”, and as shown, brand: “THE  / McHUGH / (MISSION) FURNITURE / MADE IN NEW YORK / PAX”





Two examples of the branded mark on different stain colored pieces; on bottom “PAX”, Latin for peace




1905 post card

1905 advertising post card


McLane Manufacturing Co.

·         Manchester then Milford, NH, 1876 - 1927

·         post office equipment, desks

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McLane


Shop Mark:




Catalog: 1906




McLeod Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1912 - 1919

·         limited line


Shop Mark: decal w/”McLeod” in script with office desk in background over “Grand Rapids”


Mersman Bros. & Brandts Co.

·         Celina, OH, 1906 - 1927, then Mersman Bros. Corp.

·         dining tables, library tables, desks


Shop Mark:


51_3%20x f8d7_3


Michigan Chair Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1890 - 1938 (combined w/Luce and others in 1926 to form “Michigan Furniture Shops”)

·         Mission chairs as early as 1898, desks, drop front desks, tables, settles, magazine stands, dressers, corner cabinets, tabourets, pedestals, music cabinets, some Viennese, Japanese, and Prairie School design influence, also worked in mahogany

·         1500 chairs in all styles reported in early 1900s catalogs

·         http://www.furniturecityhistory.org/article/3713/michigan-chair-co#moved


Shop Marks:


smoke 1 chairsettag

ca. 1905 (Carron et. al. 1998)


rustictabletagx canetag



ca. 1911 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


Michigan Desk Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1907 - 1918

·         general line of desks


Michigan Seating Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, at least 1907

·         Mission style wicker


Miller Cabinet Co.

·         Rochester (and Philadelphia (?)), NY, ca. 1903 – ca. 1956

·         general line, bookstands, tables, library tables


Shop Marks:


DSCN4852%20(Medium) 080181

Similar examples with different capital M in Miller and different graphic corner/side features




Milligan Furniture Co.

·         double post costumer


Shop Mark: ? example noted as “signed”


Milwaukee Chair Co.

·         Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1889 – ca. 1940

·         office chairs, institutional chairs

·         made chairs for the U.S. House and Senate


Shop Marks:


1a_1%20X ag_1%20x untitled%202%20j


x milwaukeechair6


Robert Mitchell Furniture Co.

·         Cincinnati, OH, and retail shops in St. Louis and New Orleans, (1836 ? as noted on catalog cover shown below) 1881 - 1930s

·         manufacturer of general line multiple styles, and reseller of others including Gustav Stickley


Shop Marks:


274 0092_6_lg






furncat b4_3

Catalogue 66 Supplement, 1904?, Catalogue 75, 1908


Other: inkwell with company name casting




Morgan Woodwork Organization

·         Chicago, IL, at least 1910 – 1920s ((Morgan Company, Oshkosh WI, Morgan Sash and Door Co., Chicago IL, Morgan Millwork Co., Baltimore MD)

·         built-ins and prefab home furniture: bookcases, window seats, radiator covers, bench seats, kitchen cupboards, mantels, breakfast nooks, buffets and sideboards, plus: house plans, millwork, windows, doors, plumbing etc. 

·         advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1910, 1911, 1914)


Catalog: “Building with Assurance” 1921 and reprinted 1923 (other dates?)


morgan21 7328_1_b


Mueller & Slack Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1892 - 1920

·         upholstered line


Catalog: 1906




Murphy Chair Co.

·         Detroit, MI, ca. 1903 – ca. 1919, then Owensboro, KY

·         general line, chairs, footstools


Shop Marks: 1) variations of rectangular decal w/company name and model number, as shown (top refers to Detroit, next two refer to Owensboro), and 2) metal tags at bottom (date unknown, post 1919?):


4d_1 untitled


MVC-030S_008 x murphychair sidetag%201


Muscoda Mfg. Co.

·         Muscoda, WI, ?at least 1929?

·         library tables, drink stands


Shop Mark:


a0c6_1 b


Muskegon Valley Furniture Co.

·         Muskegon, MI, ca. 1913

·         general line





National Table Ltd.

·         game table and cabinet combination


Shop Mark: paper label


M.L Nelson Furniture Co.

·         Chicago, IL, at least 1908 to at least 1920

·         large wholesaler of all styles including Mission, and including W.B. Brown lighting


Catalog: 1909 - 1910




Nelson, Matter & Co.

·         Grand Rapids MI, branches in Chicago, New York, 1870 - 1917

·         “Modern English” line of bedroom and dining suites in 1905 with Glasgow  and Viennese influence, also bedroom suites decorated with “Dutch marquetry” with Art nouveau influence, also other styles

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2366/nelson-matter-and-co


Shop Mark:





Charles K. Newberry

·         Rochester, NY, early 1900s

·         chairs


Shop Mark:




New England Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1881 - 1904

·         introduced Mission line in 1903, very boxy with exaggerated pegged mortise and tenons, dining suites, buffets, sideboards, also stacking bookcases and other styles

·         Mission produced presumably for only one year to 1904 when the company was reorganized as the Grand Rapids Furniture Co.

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2377/new-england-furniture-co


Shop Marks:


x 1903 

Mark from a stacking bookcase, including the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturer’s Association logo, and 1903 presumably only used until 1904 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


George Mann Niedecken

·         Oak Park/Chicago, IL, ca.1904 worked with Frank Lloyd Wright; Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1907 - 1940 with Niedecken-Wallbridge Co.

·         Prairie style furniture, architecture, and interior design, but also worked in other styles

·         originally subcontracted but established an artisans shop in 1910 for furniture, lighting, and stained glass, and also produced work for Frank Lloyd Wright and George Elmslie

·         pieces are very rare; special study required


H. C. Niemann & Co.

·         Chicago, IL, early 1900’s

·         tables


Shop Mark: paper label (?) with shipping information


Northern Chair Co.

·         Cadillac, MI, early 1900s

·         side chairs


Shop Mark:




Northern Furniture Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, ca. 1904 - 1916 then sold

·         bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, desks; some pieces with inlay; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906, 1907)


Shop Mark:


l485a_5 DSC02245 (Small)


Catalog: 1910




North-Western Cabinet Co.

·         Burlington, IA, 1898 – 1971

·         desks, drop front desks, tables, chairs (?)


Shop Marks:




1053 8578AB1C-D4A0-4E96-B565-C91DAA19FEA6

(from gustavstickley.com)


Northwestern Furniture Mfg. Co.

·         Minneapolis MN, early 1900s

·         see shop mark picture for list of products


Shop Mark:




Catalog: desk catalog, date?




Norwood Calef & Co.

·         Keene, NH, early 1900s

·         chairs, rockers


Shop Mark:


680_1 x


Novelty Wood Works Co.

·         Union City, PA (also Waterloo, IO, LaCrosse, WI, Grand Rapids, MI, Boston, MA?), 1897 - 1912?

·         drop front desks, smokers cabinet, interior trim and doors etc.


Shop Mark:




Nukraft Shops Inc.

·         Ithaca, NY





Oak Craft Shops (Ramsey-Alton Mfg. Co.)

·         Portland, MI, 1905-1915

·         general good quality line, matched suites for living room, library, hall, and den; chairs, “Monarch” push button Morris chairs, rockers, settles, bookcases


Shop Marks:



Mark suggested as ca. 1905 (in Carron et. al. 1998)


ok1 rockertag

Brand mark suggested as ca. 1912 (in Carron et. al. 1998)


ok2 x

Two variants of the paper tag with minor text spacing differences and letter thickness; one tag glued and one tag is tacked


Oak-Worth Shops

·         Gouverneur, NY, early 1900s

·         general line


Shop Mark: “OAKWORTH”


Old Hickory Chair Co. (renamed 1921 to Old Hickory Furniture Co.)

·         Martinsville (then Shelbyville), IN, 1880s - present

·         general good quality line in rustic style

·         advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1914)


Shop Marks:  



ca.1895 and later, brand and paper label


old%20hick%20dresser armchair



Post 1921 mark includes “Furniture” in the middle of the oval


ad04_12 1930s Bruce Tag copper

ca.1939 American Provincial line in chestnut and pine, and copper “Bruce Tag” used ca.1930s and later; this one marked 40 for 1940



Contemporary tag




1901 c ca1905

1901, 1902 (from Craftsman Auctions Catalog, Sale #11, May 15, 1999) and ca. 1905


1937 1939

1937 and 1939


Onondaga Shops – see L. & J.G. Stickley Furniture Co.


Oregon Chair Co.

·         Portland, OR, ca. 1915

·         side chairs, Morris Chairs “King Craft” brand


Shop Marks:


32_3 3448_3 b



Branded mark “King Craft”


Ottawa Furniture Co.

·         Holland, MI, 1887 - 1931

·         dining, breakfast, library, bedroom, and apartment suites in Mission and other styles


Shop Marks:


1917 x

First example ca. 1917 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)




1916 supplement

July 1916, Supplement No.46 of Catalog No. 43





C.S. Paine Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1900 - 1924

·         upholstered chairs and settles, caned panels and cushions, assumed general line in Mission style, also other styles


Shop Mark:



ca. 1914 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


Paine Furniture Co. (manufacturer and retailer)

·         Boston, MA, 1835 - 2000

·         general line; contracted pieces from Leopold Stickley ca.1902; also a reseller of Lifetime, Berkey & Gay, and Old Hickory (would add Paine tag to Lifetime pieces and/or over-stamp Lifetime tag, example below)


Shop Marks:


morristag china%20cabinet%20tag%20(Lifetime)

Two variations of brass tags, with slight differences in spacing


!BZc59tQBmk~$(KGrHgoH-D0EjlLlyn79BKmw6vTh0!~~_3 c3_1

Embossed variants


rockertag x

Brass tag with unknown paper tag (maybe Lifetime) found on a rocker



Early mark, and celluloid example


servertag mfoot7



Over-stamp of Lifetime



Date unknown, possibly 1920s?


Paris Mfg. Co.

·         South Paris, ME, late 1800s – 1989

·         started out producing winter sleds and maintained production through its history, and eventually numerous other winter and child’s toys

·         Mission style child’s chairs, trestle base desks, child’s and full size roll top desks


Shop Marks:


desk%20tag chair%20tag


Parkersburg Chair Co.

·         Parkersburg, WV, early 1900s

·         chairs, footstools, rockers


Shop Marks:


rockertag arniechair002


Parlor Furniture Manufacturing Co.

·         Cedar Rapids, IO, early 1900s

·         reclining Morris chairs


Shop Mark:




Peck & Hills Furniture Co.

·         New York, NY, branches in Boston (?), Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Oakland, San Francisco, late 1800s? to at least 1934

·         manufacturer and wholesaler, maybe retailer (mail order?)

·         general line, tall case clocks, rugs, also other styles than Mission; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906)


Shop Mark:




Catalog: 1915




Peru Chair Co.

·         Peru, IN, ca. 1911 – ca. 1931

·         mahogany rockers


Shop Mark:




Peterson Art Furniture

·         Faribault, MN, 1905 – 1960s?

·         mainly produced oak and slag glass lamps, but also some furniture e.g. library tables, piano benches, desks, all under the ‘Daisy Line’ brand name

·         bought the Faribault Furniture Co. and others (Daisy Woodcraft, North Star Furniture Co., Waterville Furniture Co., prior to 1914?)


Shop Mark:


alib11 x.JPG


Catalog: 1914 facsimile




Phoenix Chair Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, late 1800s – ca.1949 (St. Paul, MN – factory)

·         office chairs, rockers, armchairs, some models similar to Harden


Shop Marks:


rocker%20tag 1045x

(second from gustavstickley.com)




c28c_3 F532CChairs3

Upholstery tags


Catalog: 1918, No.43




Phoenix Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1872 - 1920, then Robert W. Irwin Co. but Phoenix name still used

·         major manufacturer but evidence of producing significant Mission/Arts & Crafts furniture is lacking; known for designer David Kendall’s development of innovative stains and work in Celtic, Byzantine, Japanese, Moorish and Arabic decoration and carving, and considered contemporary to Charles Rohlfs

·         known for Kendall’s “McKinley” chair design (a chair owned/used by President McKinley) in 1894 - often copied by other companies like Joseph Mc Hugh, Paine Furniture, Come-Packt, Leavens, and Ford and Johnson

·         often confused with Phoenix Chair Co.

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2365/phoenix-furniture-co


Shop Mark:


pre 1920

Pre 1920 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


S.K. Pierce & Son Co.

·         Gardner, MA, New York, NY, early 1900s

·         office chairs “Pierce craft’


Shop Marks:


x 98c7_1


Piqua Tables

·         Piqua, OH, early 1900s

·         Desks


Shop Mark:




Plail Brothers Chair Co.

·         Wayland, NY, 1906 - 1933

·         general line, known for steam bending and barrel chair design


Shop Mark:




Plimpton Scofield Co.

·         Boston, MA, early 1900s

·         school desks, chairs


Shop Mark:




Plymouth Chair Company

·         Plymouth, WI, early 1900s

·         ”Puritan Mission” rocking chairs for hospital use


Portland Furniture Co.

·         Portland, MI, ca. 1900  - ?

·         advertised in the January 1903 edition of the “Grand Rapids Furniture Record” as one of the earliest active companies making Mission furniture; more research required

·         chairs


Posselius Bros. Furniture Mfg. Co,

·         Detroit, MI, late 1800’s – 1919 (sold)

·         dining tables, sideboards


Shop Mark:


B076 (Small)


Frederick Post Co.

·         Chicago, IL

·         drafting tables, drafting and engineering supplies


Shop Mark:




Prairie Grass Furniture Co. – see Crex Grass Furniture


Premier Mfg Co.

·         Fayetteville, NY, 1905 - 1911

·         a.k.a. Knaus Bros. & Arvine Co. (founder names)

·         copied Gustav Stickley designs; many of the principals formerly worked for Stickley

·         general line “Craftstyle


Shop Mark:Craftstyle


Premier Mfg. Co. (?)

·         Grand Rapids MI


Pullman Couch Co.

·         Chicago, IL, at least 1903 - 1951

·         ‘Davenport’ sofa beds, upholstered chairs


Shop Marks:


untitled massivechaircouchtag%20j


sofatag couch1





Quaint Art Furniture Co.

·         Syracuse, NY, 1909 - 1916

·         general good quality line


Shop Mark: 1) oval paper label w/oval black outline around company name, and 2) rectangular paper label w/company name, style number and finish, and the following:


DSCF25451 b!Bc(I+G!B2k~$(KGrHqMOKikEq4123j8VBK0Mbld2(Q~~_3

Shipping Dept. tag and Upholstery Dept. tag


Quaker Mission Craft

·         rockers, foot stools, Morris chairs

·         chairs with the Quaker Mission Craft logo have been found co-marked with the Sikes Chair Co. mark; QMC is assumed to be a Sikes ‘brand’ name


Shop Mark: white decal w/white lettering (?), and:


0139_5_lgx d3_1

Two examples with slightly different background colors; possible color fade, lighting affect, or variants


9960%20(8) x

Slightly different shape and layout than variant shown above.


The Quaker Shop (possibly a retailer)

·         Philadelphia, PA, early 1900s?

·         tall case clocks, bookcases, bookstands, library tables, side chairs, rockers