American Makers R-Ste




 Ramsey-Alton Mfg. Co. - see Oak Craft Shops


John D. Raab Chair Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1903 - 1921

·         chairs, tables


Shop Marks:


bb_3 426714h




Frank Reider & Sons

·         Philadelphia, PA, early 1900s?

·         café chairs and table combinations, “Seatmore” line


Shop Marks:


x DSC02292

Two color variants or lighting effect?


Richardson Chair Co.

·         Sheboygan Falls, WI, early 1900s

·         rocking chairs


Shop Mark:




Richmond Chair Co.

·         Richmond, IN, at least 1907

·         Mission cane style parlor set; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1907)


Ridenour Shops

·         Ludlow, VT, 1908 - ?

·         book stands

·         founded by Louis Ridenour after split from H.C. Dexter


Shop Mark:




J.K. Rishel Furniture Co.

·         Hughesville & Williamsport, PA, 1867 – ca. 1932

·         roll top desks (? see shop mark below), matching bedroom and dining room suites, other styles, “Mission, Modern Mission, and Swiss Austrian” with a lighter look introduced ca. 1915 for the ‘Modern Mission’; used stenciling


Shop Marks:


5d_1 1 

Brass tag from a roll top desk “RISHEL”; not confirmed if this is the same company, and celluloid tag (similar brass version also known)





·        desks, book stands, parlour sets with corbel style side slats and peaked top back stretcher with molded edge

    speculatively a brand name for Wm. Ritter & Bro. (?)

    also referred to as Rittencraft based on shop mark interpretation


Shop Mark:




Wm. Ritter & Bro. (also Ritter Bros.)

·        Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1911

·        dining room sets, Morris chairs, rocking chairs, arm chairs, library tables; sold by John Wannamaker ca. 1910


Shop Marks:




H.P. Robertson Co.

·        Jamestown, NY, early 1900s

·        general line, book stands


Shop Marks:


x 4230037


Roberts Sash & Door Co.

·         Chicago, Il, ca. 1920

·         millwork supplier including buffets, sideboards, kitchen cabinets, hall trees, window seats, breakfast nooks, mantels, garden furniture, plus all other home millwork


Catalog: 1920




Rochester Furniture Co.

·         Rochester, NY, early 1900s

·         magazine/bookstands


Rockford Cabinet Co.

·         Rockford, IL, early 1900s

·         stacking bookcases


Shop Mark:




Rockford Desk Co.

·         Rockford, IL, early 1900s

·         desks, bookcases


Shop Mark:




Rockford National Co. (?)

·         servers


Charles Rohlfs

·         Buffalo, NY, 1890 - 1925

·         produced a range of pieces with a small workforce (less than ten employees is assumed for most of the production years), from small wares such as candle holders and stamp boxes, to chairs, to large commissioned desks and bureaus; Art Nouveau inspiration in some pieces and prolific use of exposed decoration and carving, both functional, e.g. tenons and pegs, and artistic

·         large pieces are rare and special study is required to determine value

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Rohlfs


Shop Marks: First picture with date “1904”, second mark from a picture frame, third and fourth highlighted with red paint (fourth picture from a tie rack, questionable pristine condition), fifth from a carved oak box, sixth and seventh pictures from a rare one of a kind desk showing inscribed and red paint highlighted date and paper label; last is paper label on wood card, attached to a candle stick; paper label also known for one of a kind office chair, “This Desk Chair / is Guaranteed to be / made by / Charles Rohlfs / Record No. 2407.”


rohlfs1904  picframetag%20x

(first from gustavstickley.com)


f176label%20x x box mark

(1901 from Craftsman Auctions Catalog, September 17, 2005)


untitled 3 x untitled x

Combined carved mark and rare paper label on wood tag (Craftsman Auctions Catalog, January 15, 2005)



Rose Valley Association

·         Rose Valley, PA, 1901 - 1909

·         ‘utopian’ arts & crafts community making furniture, pottery, and other fine arts, founded by architect Will Price, employing four to six craftsman and produced roughly 500 pieces to 1906, incorporating hand carving

·         rarity of pieces requires special study to determine value

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Valley,_Pennsylvania#Arts_and_crafts_project


Shop Mark:



Two authentic confirmed marks


 8286oakbk4 rv_press_opt

Forged mark followed by unconfirmed version, and for comparison, printer’s mark used on community literature


Catalog/Magazine: 1906




Ross Chair Mfg. Co.

·         Jamestown, NY, early 1900s

·         general line


Shop Mark: rectangular paper label


Royal Chair Co. (later Royal Easy Chair Co.)

·         Sturgis, WI, 1899 – ca. 1934

·         reclining Morris chairs, easy chairs, rockers w/foot rest extensions operated by push button or lever, several styles including Mission


Shop Marks:


a 1mission2


anothermorristag bluemorristag%20x

Two versions of the same metal tag with different patent numbers; the line above the patent numbers states “NOTICE – IF METAL PARTS EVER BREAK WRITE US FOR FREE REPAIRS”


2 1





1912-1913; “Push the Button and Rest” above shield


Royal Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1892 – 1931 (combined with Phoenix in 1919 and became Robert W. Irwin Co.)

·         advertised in the January 1903 edition of the “Grand Rapids Furniture Record” as one of the earliest active companies making Mission furniture; more research required; also active in many other styles

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2379/royal-furniture-co


Shop Marks: 1895 to 1914 a floral cartouche with the name inside; then metal tag with Washington symbol as shown below; for Mission style?



ca.1914 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


Roycroft Shops (The Roycrofters)

·         East Aurora, NY, 1895 - 1938

·         very significant and well documented contributor to the Arts & Crafts movement producing a wide range of quality furniture, also metalwork, books, and leatherwork

·         founded by the well-known figure Elbert Hubbard, the design of furniture was however left to a variety of craftsmen

·         pieces are generally void of ornamentation and have a bulky massive look; originally made to furnish the Roycroft buildings, the furniture was sought by visitors to the Roycroft Inn and eventually sold as a commercial product (and commissions such as the Grove Park Inn) however production numbers were not significantly large, with small tables, chairs, and rockers more common than large case pieces; original finishes are rare

·         published periodicals called “The FRA” which promoted Roycroft furniture but also advertised Berkey & Gay, Come-Packt, Cadillac Cabinet/Wolverine, Globe Wernicke, and “The Philistine” which advertised Tobey (in 1902)

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roycroft

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbert_Hubbard


Shop Marks: The Roycrofters used a range of marks including inscribed script “Roycroft”, sometimes the script name or initials of the owner/consignor, and several pattern variations of the ‘cross & orb’, apparently with no chronological patterns and seemingly carved individually. Variations of brass tags were also used explicitly on bookstands.


Scan1 RoycroftChair4 b


Scan1%20(Large) crib1 x


314 x 1x

Inscribed name marks were commonly used on case pieces, chairs, and commissioned pieces (2nd pic above from Craftsman Auctions Catalog, Sale #11, May 15, 1999)



Possible fake script mark; not as crisp as other examples, capital ‘R’ tail is too exaggerated


box xx goodieboxmark

Impressed mark from a mahogany stained gift box followed by “THE ROYCROFTERS / Roycroft Town: East Aurora, N.Y.” branded mark found on small oak gift and cigarette box, alleged to be fake



From a Hubbard family sideboard (Craftsman Auctions Catalog, October 11, 2006), followed by the mark found on a rare cellarette, being the highest value piece of Roycroft furniture sold at auction (Sotheby’s, Dec. 2007)


gpi%20chair%20x 2gpi3 2gpi1


gpia gpie

Inscribed initials and cross and orb used on side chairs (top of three) and arm chairs (bottom two of three) commissioned for the Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC, 1912; the arm chairs were actually side chairs with arms added in the 1920’s made locally by Biltmore Industries


tray1 b dropfront%20tag Scan10001

Cross and orb found on a Grove Park Inn serving tray stand / drop front desk mark / magazine pedestal/stand (Craftsman Auctions Catalog, September 27, 2003)


tree 4 tree 3

Mark and leaf carving found on a “tree of life” stand (similar to above)


sidechair%20tag paddlearm%20mark%20x rockertag2


aaa lb m b


The following marks are from pieces made for the Roycroft Campus which were given letter codes for the respective building where they were used. The letter is followed by the catalog model number used for the retail version of the piece. Known letter codes are:


B – Bindery                                PB – Pamphlet Bindery

C – Chapel                                PH – Power House

E – Emerson Hall                      R – Roycroft Inn

OF - Office



Roycroft Inn - chair, model 027



Roycroft Inn - rocking chair, model 039



Unknown building - arm chair, model 028


littlejourneytag%20x lt%20tag lj1 lgg



Five examples, above, of brass tags used on what is commonly called the Little Journey’s bookstand as designed for the two 14 book series “Little Journeys” and “Selected Writings”. These bookstands were produced from 1922 on; the two versions of the cross and orb shown, with curly tails and without, are known in copper pieces to respectively represent the early 1909 –  ca. 1920 and middle ca. 1920 - 1928 periods but curiously the early period version is seen on Little Journeys stands that were not made until after 1922, as noted.



Near perfect condition Little Journey’s bookstand brass tag; authenticity unconfirmed



Stenciling on the end of the shipping box for the Little Journey’s book set


deskmahogany r r

Three examples from mahogany pieces



Unusual circle with an R and small cross, attributed possibly to the Roycrofters ca. 1920, found on an octagonal table (Craftsman Auctions Catalog, September 27, 2003)



Cross and orb mark on a hammered drawer handle, found on a dressing table



Cross and orb mark on a hammered drawer handle, found on a dressing table made by the White Furniture Co. for the Grove Park Inn


paperweight1 fakeframe

Two similar looking marks, on a paperweight followed by a picture frame; authenticity unconfirmed


RoycroftOakLamp9%20x b!B,SHQ0Q!mk~$(KGrHgoH-CIEjlLl26,yBKq1eejD6Q~~_3

Similar branded style marks found on a lamp and settle, both unknown pieces, and suspicious proportions and off centre ‘R’ suggesting forged marks


x roycroftfraud

Two examples of fraudulent branded marks found on a stool and rocking chair 


Catalogs and Promotional Flyers that include furniture: (reference: roycroftbooks.org)



Interesting 1905 catalog title because clearly the contents have nothing to do with “Colonial” style furniture; this catalog was also advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine so the name may have been a ploy to avoid looking like a competitor’s product line


some_furniture_1904_bl  furniture_cat_1906_modiano cat1908B-1a

1904, 1906, 1908


roycrof%201909 cat1912B-1

1909, 1912


catND14-1  roycroft_catalog_1916_modiano 1916_catalog_modiano

1914, 1916, 1916


catND16-1 1922

1916, 1922


Jas. H. Russell & Co.

·         West, TX

·         reading stands


Shop Mark:




Rustic Hickory Furniture Co.

·         LaPorte, IN, ca.1904 – ca. 1932

·         general line of rustic style


Shop Mark: paper label


Catalog: 1932 (with logo from cover page)


x%20(Medium) z





Saginaw Furniture Shops Inc.

·         Chicago, IL, ? - 1930s?

·         folding chairs and tables


Shop Mark:




St. Paul Table Co.

·         St. Paul, MN, early1900s

·         tables, desks


Shop Mark:




Salmon River Table Co.

·         Pulaski, NY


Salter Mfg. Co.

·         Chicago, IL, at least 1905 – at least 1915

·         mirrors, tabourets, shelf units, medicine cabinets, shoe shine boxes


Catalog: 1915




Sargent Mfg. Co.

·         Muskegon, MI, & New York, NY, late 1800s? - 1905

·         revolving bookcases, desks, drop front desks, shaving stands, wardrobes, chiffonniers


Shop Mark:




Shaw Walker Co.

·         Muskegon, MI, 1899 – 1990 (Chicago, London, New York, Washington)

·         office furniture, filing cabinets; by mid 1900s one of the biggest manufacturers of office furniture

·         the second listed furniture company to advertise in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine in December 1902


Shop Marks:


835c_1_sbl MVC-035SK26


2af2_3 x



shawwalkercat1 1916



Shearman Brothers Lounge Co.

·         Jamestown, NY, 1880 - 1940s

·         suites, davenports, chairs, couches, universal sofa beds, adjustables (?), wardrobe couches, bed couches and lounges, coverings


Catalog: 1910




Sheboygan Chair Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, at least 1906 - ?

·         chairs


Shop Marks: square decal containing name and location, plus intertwined S/C/C in red square, and (?) diamond shape label w/”Sheboygan Chair. Co.”, and:




Sheboygan Couch Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, early 1900s

·         davenport beds


Shop Marks:



“SHEBOYGAN COUCH CO. / Sheboygan, Wis.”





Sheboygan Fibre Furniture Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, at least early 1900’s - 1930’s

·         Mission style wicker


Catalog: no date




Sheboygan Furniture Co.

·         Sheboygan, WI, ca. 1910

·         line of small pieces, plant stands, wastebaskets, smoking stands, bookracks


Shop Mark: paper label


Shelbyville Wardrobe Mfg. Co.

·         Shelbyville, IN, at least ca. 1905 - 1914

·         sideboards, wardrobes ?


Shop Mark:




F. H. Sheldon & Co.

·         Muskegon, MI, early 1900s

·         library tables


Shop Mark:




Shelley & Ahl Co.

·         Binghamton, NY


Shop of the Crafters (Oscar Onken Co.)

·         Cincinnati, OH, ca. 1896 - 1931, Oscar Onken was in business late 1800s but incorporated ca. 1896 with Shop of the Crafters being a purchased trade name subsequently used  from 1904-1919, reverting back to just Oscar Onken Co. 1920 - 1931

·         chief designer was Paul Horti of Budapest who previously worked for Charles Limbert

·        general good to high quality diverse line known for inlays, cutouts, and German/Austro-Hungarian style, referred to as “Furniture of Austrian Design”, also Art Nouveau inspired stained glass in doors; also lamps from 1905/1906

·        Oscar Onken Co. ran parallel to Shop of the Crafters, using ‘Younits’ brand name, producing clocks, display cases and store fixtures, mirrors, small painted cabinets, and other novelty pieces, some with Mission style  


Shop Marks:


71_3 x SOTCSmallDesk6


magstand b

Three variants above, showing slightly different color tones and/or possible fading; based on comparison to below there appears to be two confirmed variants with slightly darker inner or outer shading of background or frame border


a MissionOakStand9

Two examples above of tags with stenciled model number


MVC-032S b!BSjWdKwBGk~$(KGrHgoH-CEEjlLl0F63BKDz!8zM6Q~~_1 

Branded mark typically found on lamps and clock cases, but sometimes furniture



Shop mark on a tall case clock and large instruction tag for clock operation


clocktag%20x clocktag1x

“Shop of the Crafters” visible at bottom on each of the above two information tags


DSC00030x DSC00029x

Oscar Onken Co. shop mark and information tag on painted piece


stand tag 2

Button tag from multi shelf tree style stand; another similar known tag is a brass plate reading “Oscar Onken & Co. / Manufacturer of patented triplicate mirrors / & store fixtures / Cincinnati, O.”




rarepre1906catalogue pre1906a

Possibly pre 1906 due to having fewer pieces displayed compared to known 1906 catalog with more pieces; could also be a brochure or condensed catalog from another year; plain cover, and first page shown



Facsimile of lamp catalog (date? 1906 or later)


Sikes Chair Co. (The Sikes Company Inc.?)

·         Buffalo, NY (and Philadelphia, PA, ‘branch’, also New York?, Grand Rapids?), 1859 -1930 (moved from Buffalo to Philadelphia ca. 1904 - 1916 then back to Buffalo)

·         office furniture and Mission style chairs, Morris chairs, umbrella stands, hall trees

·         chairs with the Sikes Chair Co. shop mark have been found co-marked with Quaker Mission Craft, which is assumed to be a brand or line name from Sikes


Shop Marks:


00014m 00049m chair4


00022l sikemissionaoksidechair2%2520(11) 00002m


rockertagx 1B


9960%20(9) office%20chair%202


71_12 bf_12


Simmons Co.

·         Kenosha, WI, 1870 - present

·         sofa beds


Shop Mark: metal tag attached to wire springs




F.A. Sinclaire

·         Mottville, NY


Skandia Furniture Co.

·         Rockford, IL, ca. 1906 – ca. 1912 (fire)

·         general line, desks, drop front desks, bookcases, stacking bookcases, “Viking” trade name


Shop Marks:


stacking05%20xx stacking13

Stacking bookcase label and shipping label



Bookcase label


Skinner & Steenman Furniture Co. (Skinner & Steenman Co.)

·         Howard City, MI,1889, then Greenville and Grand Rapids MI, ca. 1898 - 1907

·         ‘Dutch Mission’ sideboards, buffets, cellarettes, with inset Delft tiles depicting Dutch boys and girls in peasant costume, china cabinets


Shop Mark:




Sligh Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1880 - 1931

·         major Grand Rapids firm, general line in other styles but thin representation of Arts & Crafts; one notable Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau line ca.1907

·         http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2395/sligh-furniture-co


Shop Mark: paper label with name in triangle with red, white, and blue ink, also paper shipping label tacked on; unknown if these represent Arts & Crafts pieces or not?


Smith, Day & Co.

·         Indianapolis, IN, early 1900s?

·         rockers


Shop Marks:


7a_3 Img20081112_0015


Smith & Ellis Co. (Smith, Ellis & Joyce)

·         Canastota, NY


Snider Mfg. Co.

·         Logan, OH, early 1900s – ca. 1930

·         dining room and bedroom furniture


Shop Mark:




Snyder Furniture Co.

·         Grand Rapids, MI, 1910 - 1919

·         dining room suites, china cabinets


Shop Mark:




B. Souto & Co.

·         New York, NY, early 1900s

·         parlour sets with woven splint/cane panels


Shop Mark:




Sparks-Withington Company

·         Jackson, MI, 1900 (incorporated 1916) – at least 1995

·         foot stools; primarily a maker of early auto products, and later, diverse line of electronics and other products; Mission furniture assumed to be minor part of the company


Shop Mark:




Spencer & Barnes Co.

·         Benton Harbour, MI, at least 1874 – 1914

·         bedroom suites


Shop Mark:



ca. 1913 (facsimile from Carron et. al. 1998)


E. H. Stafford Mfg. Co.

·         Chicago, IL, early 1900s

·         long institutional benches (e.g. for train stations), school desks, lecterns, tables, chairs, bookcases 


Shop Marks:


77_3 lecturntag


Catalog: 1921-22




Standard Chair Co.

·         Union City, PA, at least 1908 to at least 1914

·         rockers, side chairs; limited Mission style representation compared to numerous models in typical ‘golden oak’


Catalog: 1914 (larger catalog known for 1908)




Standard Furniture Co.

·         Herkimer, NY, 1886 - 1978

·         desks, roll top desks, library cabinets, chairs, tables

·         sub-assemblies sent to London, Paris, Berlin for the European market


Shop Marks:


b7_1 fd_1


Sterling Furniture Co.

·         Toledo, OH, at least 1914

·         love seats, and desks, bureaus, fitted, with “thief-proof” steel boxes


Steuben Lumber & Furniture Co.

·         Canisteo, NY, ca. 1916

·         extension dining tables


George S. Stewart Company

·         Norwalk, OH, early 1900s; shop mark also notes New York (possible retail shop?)

·         pyrographic designs on Mission oak book/magazine stands, chairs, and accessories, also cedar chests, screens, and wholesale lumber

·         largest period employer in Norwalk


Shop Mark:






George Stewart catalog.jpg