American Makers Stil - Z




Walter S. Stillman

·      Syracuse, NY

·      frame maker


Stomps-Burkhart Co.

·      Dayton, OH, 1890 - 1928

·      side chairs, presumably rockers etc. based on known chairs in other styles


Shop Mark:


b5_1_sbl chairtag


Stow & Davis Furniture Co.

·      Grand Rapids, MI, 1885 – at least 1992? (acquired by Steelcase 1985)

·      conference tables, office furniture, file cabinets, dining tables

·      http://www.historygrandrapids.org/article/2387/stow-and-davis-furniture-compa


Shop Marks:



Facsimile ca.1911 (from Carron et. al. 1998)


0e_3 cab1

ca. 1914 (Carron et. al. 1998)


C.F. Streit Mfg. Co.

·      Cincinnati, OH, late 1800s? - at least 1943

·      chairs, Morris chairs with extension footrests, rockers, davenports

·      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._F._Streit_Mfg._Co.


Shop Marks:


x morris_streih_bryant_label_th




morris_streih bigrockers%20tag%202


DSC02588 momorris 




3c55_3 2  064b_3 1912

Two examples both dated 1907, and 1912


Sturgis Table Bed Co.

·      Sturgis, MI, ca. 1914

·      Maker of the Royal Table Bed which was a Mission style desk with false drawer that converted into a fold out metal frame sofa bed


Shop Mark:



Facsimile ca. 1914 (from Carron et. al. 1998)


Ernest J. Sultan Mfg. Co.

·      San Francisco, CA, early 1900s

·      sofa beds (very similar to Kroehler and others), desks, arm chairs


Shop Marks:


chairtag sultantag


Sutter Mfg. Co.

·      Shelby, OH, early 1900s

·      library tables, desks, dining tables


Shop Mark:




Swan Furniture ( Mayflower )

·      Wadham Mills, NY, early 1900s

·      general line


Shop Mark: “MAYFLOWER”


Sweet & Biggs Furniture Co.

·      Grand Rapids, MI, 1906-1909

·      chairs


Sweet Clover Furniture Co.

·      arm chairs


Syracuse Chair Hospital

·      Syracuse, NY, ca. 1917

·      curious mark for a furniture repair company name listed in the Onondaga County Classified Business Directory 1917, found on a Mission style rocker


Shop Mark:







Taylor Chair Co.

·      Bedford, OH, founded 1816 incorporated 1885, still active

·      chairs, office chairs, rockers


Shop Marks: diamond shaped tag, and:


pd08 TaylorChair3 x


Thayer & Chandler Mfg.

·         Chicago, IL, ca. 1905-ca1915

·         supplier of Pyrography equipment used for wood burning technique of decorating tabourettes, boxes etc., as often made in pine/poplar/basswood by home craftsmen; specific line of basswood frames, plaques, trays, panels, furniture


Thompson Mfg. Co.

·      Holland and Grand Rapids, MI, 1910 - 1934

·      ‘novelty’ and occasional pieces, tables, magazine racks, plant stands, tabourets, bedside tables, umbrella racks


Shop Mark: paper label in red ink “Crafstyle (sic) Furniture”


Walter Thulin (Thulin-Murphy Co.)

·      Boston, MA, 1906 - ?

·      frame maker as well as some furniture and church/cathedral work

·      joined the frame shop of Carrig-Rohane in 1906, Thulin became president in 1911, and the shop's name changed to his and partner Herman Dudley Murphy; references differ on dates

·      received a medal from the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts in 1919 for his work


Shop Mark:




Tindale Cabinet Co.

·      New York, NY, early 1900s

·      music cabinets, storage tray cabinets


Shop Marks:


34_1 61d7_3


Tobey Furniture Co. (manufacturer and retailer)

·      Chicago, IL, 1856 – 1954

·      primarily a retailer selling other makers in numerous styles but also maintained a small workshop (~30 workers) producing and promoting Tobey ‘handmade’ for retail and some custom orders

·      purchased Gustav Stickley’s first line as displayed at the 1900 Grand Rapids furniture exposition and hired Gustav to produce and deliver pieces from late 1900 to early 1901, however Gustav severed the relationship and the order balance was contracted from Leopold Stickley, who then continued to produce pieces for Tobey until 1904

·      introduced the ‘New Furniture in Weathered Oak’ line in 1901 which contains both derivative work similar to other makers but also distinctly designed Mission pieces by Tobey

·      introduced the ‘Russmore’ line in 1902  and advertised this line in the Roycrofters periodical “The Philistine” in 1902/03

·      the 1902 and 1903 ‘Russmore’ catalogs, and the subsequent 1903 ‘New Cedar Furniture’ catalog, and 1904 ‘Some Designs in Mission Furniture’ catalog, included numerous pieces of L. & J.G. Stickley Onondaga Shops with like for like model numbers and catalog line drawings, thus confirming that Tobey did not directly make these lines

·      one of the earliest companies to advertise in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine in January 1903 displaying the first and second Shop Marks shown below

·      Mission production/retailing declined gradually after 1904 until approximately 1912


Shop Marks:


bedtagv MVC-008S

Pre 1900 (?) but seemingly used for several years, and variant with no color; authenticity unknown


Scan1 a.jpg

1900 - 01, circular paper label found on furniture designed by Gustav Stickley, (facsimile from Clark & Thomas-Clark 2002) and Russmore tag from 1902 on



Metal tag, unknown date, found on a Grandfather clock


88981007_o x b!B,ICLU!Bmk~$(KGrHgoOKioEjlLmeN7IBKqBYpvGiw~~_3

Brass tags, unknown date, found on a lamp table and Morris chair



Found on transitional style dining set, authenticity unknown




Scan10001 1901 Tobey.jpg 

1900 (from Clark & Thomas-Clark 2002), and 1901


!BIL3y)Q!Wk~$(KGrHgoOKiUEjlLmWrB3BJMs0Djql!~~_3 (Small) 1903 Tobey.jpg

1903 Russmore and 1903 new Cedar Furniture; includes like for like pictures and model numbers of some L. & J.G. Stickley Onondaga Shops pieces



1903, covering a small line of Mission style nursery and children’s pieces



1906, essay format with much Arts & Crafts style reference yet illustrated with non Arts & Crafts furniture 


Toledo Parlor Furniture Co.

·      Toledo, OH, ca. 1900 – ca. 1929

·      Thorobed” sofa beds, wardrobes?


Shop Mark:



Lower tag reads at top: "A Perfect Parlor Sofabed and Wardrobe”


Tomlinson Chair Mfg. Co.

·      High Point, NC, & Birmingham, AL, 1900 – 1960s

·      dining chairs


Shop Mark:



Tonk Mfg. Co.

·      Chicago, IL - at least 1938

·      piano benches


Shop Marks:


ed_1 bd09_1


Traverse City Chair Co.

·      Traverse City, MI, early 1900s

·      chairs, reclining Morris chairs, “Mission pieces”; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1908)


Martin Tromp / Tromp Manufacturing Co.

·      Holland, MI, 1902 - 1924

·      picture frames, ‘novelties’, mirrors, tabourettes, pedestals



·      Norway, MN, ca. 1906, then (?) Ballingford, VT, then (?) Brandon, VT

·      rustic ‘snowshoe’ style line made from snowshoe type framing and webbing


Shop Mark:




Twin City Mission Furniture Co.

·      St. Paul, MN, early 1900s

·      foot stools, magazine tables, library tables, chairs, rockers


Shop Marks:


untitled IMGP2260 (Small) 1c4c_1


Catalog: 1911




Twin City Upholstery Co.

·      Minneapolis, MN

·      arm chairs, rockers, davenports


Catalog: 1927, still showing Mission style







The Udell Works

·      Indianapolis, IN, at least 1906 – ca. 1931

·      general line, stacking bookcases, drop-front desks, desks, cylinder and disc record and music cabinets, piano player roll cabinets, medicine cabinets, commodes, sideboards; advertised in the Michigan Artisan (1906, 1908)


Shop Mark: red rectangular decal, and:




Umphrey Mfg. Co.

·      Crawfordsville, IN, 1916 - 1936 (?)

·      desks with pop-up compartments, tables


Shop Mark:


e36e_3 x


Underwood Typewriter Co.

·      typewriter desks


Shop Mark:




Union Furniture Co.

·      Jamestown, NY, ca. 1893 – ca. 1933

·      sideboards


Shop Mark:


sb tag


United States Specialty Company

·      Marion, IN, at least 1905

·      chafing dish cabinets, umbrella stands, magazine stands, costumers, plate racks, hall stands, hall clocks, cellarettes, writing desks, jardinière stands, hanging cabinets, wall brackets; arm chairs with inlay in the style of Shop of the Crafters


Shop Mark:




United States Willow Furniture Co.

·      Hoboken, NJ, early 1900s?

·      Mission style wicker lamps, presumably other furniture


Shop Mark:




United Table Bed Co.

·      Chicago, IL

·      “TA-BED” table and bed fold out combination


Shop Mark:




Universal Furniture Co.

·      Evansville, IN, ca. 1919 - ?

·      wholesaler

·      sideboards


Shop Mark:







J.B. Van Sciver Co.

·      Camden, NJ, 1881 - 1970s?

·      started as a retailer, sold Royal Chair Co., then became manufacturer/retailer

·      chairs, derivative of Lifetime


Shop Mark:  




Vilas-Diven Co. (Diven Mfg. Co.)

·      Hornell, NY


William Volker & Co. (wholesaler?)

·      Kansas City, MO, at least 1894 – at least 1974?

·      cellerettes, pedestals, card tables, telephone tables, in A&C/Mission style; plus picture frames, mantels, window shades, window cornices etc. – not known if these were A&C style









Wabash Cabinet Co.

·      Wabash, IN, late 1800s? – at least 1930s

·      filing cabinets, other furniture, made Philco radio cabinets in the 1930s


Shop Mark:




Wagemaker Co.

·      Grand Rapids, MI, 1899 - 1960

·      Mission style filing system cabinets, filing boxes


Shop Marks:


1 standard


John Wanamaker (The Wanamaker Stores)

·      Philadelphia Dept. Store (mid 1800s - 1950s?) w/branches in New York, Paris, and London

·      contracted pieces from Leopold Stickley ca.1902, and sold Greenpoint Metallic Bed, Heywood Brothers & Wakefield, Wm. Ritter & Bros., ca.1911, Crocker, Karpen, Lifetime ca.1916, also assume Roycrofters (?); however in 1910 Mission line was very thinly represented in catalogs compared to other styles (1910 pieces appear to be L.& J.G. Stickley)

·      advertised encyclopedia sets in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine in January 1904 which included a Mission style bookcase


Shop Marks:


rackleavestag untitled




1901 1903

Spring summer 1901 – unknown if this catalog has early examples from Leopold Stickley, and 1903


1910 1911-1912

1910 and 1911-1912 Fall-Winter


Promotional Books:


Wannamaker%2520Msg1_gibbons 1907 A Dozen and Two Pastelles in Prose Being Impressions of the Wanamaker Stores Written in as Many Moods

The Roycroft Shops “Message to Garcia”; edition done for Wanamaker (1906), and the Roycroft Shops “A Dozen & Two Pastelles in Prose: Being Impressions of the Wanamaker Stores Written in as Many Moods” (1907)


Watertown Table Slide Co.

·      Watertown, WI, 1889 - ?

·      maker of patented table slides supplied to other makers for use in extension dining tables


Shop Mark:




C. F. Weber & Company

·      San Francisco, CA, ca. 1902 – ca. 1930

·      school desks and chairs, church, theatre, bank, lodge furniture


Shop Mark:




F. Weber & Company (later F. Weber Co. Inc., Martin F. Weber Co.)

·      Philadelphia, PA, 1853 - ?, retail stores in Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis to at least to the 1920’s

·      drafting and art tables, art supplies


Shop Mark:




Webster Mfg. Co.

·      Superior, WI, 1891 - 1932 (then 1935 - 1937)

·      rockers, dining room sets


Shop Mark:




Weis Mfg. Co.

·      Monroe, MI, early 1900s, bought by Globe Wernicke 1963

·      stacking or ‘barrister’ bookcases (a.k.a. ‘elastic’ bookcases), filing cabinets, office accessories; advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine (1914)


Shop Marks:


untitled x fd8f_3 7a_3




Catalog: no date




John Weiss Mfg. Co.

·      Milwaukee, WI, early 1900s

·      side chairs


Shop Mark:




A.J. Wells Mfg. Ltd.

·      Syracuse, NY, at least 1903

·      “The Hale” stacking bookcase, filing cabinets

·      advertised in Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine


Werner Co.

·      Easton, PA, ca. 1908

·      manufacturer?; seller of Limbert


Whitcomb Co.

·      Shelton, CN

·      brass beds


Shop Mark: brass tag


White Furniture Co.

·      Mebane, NC, 1881 - 1985, sold, then 1992

·      contracted to help furnish the famous Grove Park Inn (Asheville, NC) in 1912 with the Roycrofters; specifically produced the bedroom furniture which was marked with the White tag and which incorporated Roycroft hardware marked with the Roycrofters cross and orb

·      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Furniture_Company


Shop Marks:


31f3_1 b untitled

Shield inscription says: “THE WHITE LINE THE RIGHT LINE”


White River Chair Co.

·      Brattleboro, VT, ca. 1904 - at least 1932

·      side chairs


Shop Mark:




W.F. Whitney & Co.

·      Ashburnham, MA, 1868 – at least 1910

·      side chairs, arm chairs, rockers ?


Shop Marks:


Img20060627_0006%20x whitney15


Catalog: 1910 “Wood, Cane, Saddle and Leather Seat Chairs in Staple, Mission and Period Designs”


John Widdicomb Co.

·      mentioned for interest and/or further study; major historic Grand Rapids furniture company from the late 1800s to modern times, but no clear evidence of having produced Mission style furniture


Wilkinson & Eastwood Chair Co.

·      Binghamton, NY, early 1900s

·      general line, chairs


Shop Mark:




Willson Chair Co.

·      Montoursville, PA, early 1900s

·      plant stands, drink stands


Shop Mark:




Winston Mantel and Tile Co.

·      Newport, KY, early 1900s

·      fire place mantels w/tiles, wainscoting


Shop Mark:




Wisconsin Chair Co.

·      Port Washington, WI, 1889 - 1959       

·      chairs, rockers; made phonographs starting in 1915 for Edison Co. and started Paramount Records as a subsidiary in 1917, initially designed to produce recordings that were given away with phonographs

·      founded by Fred Dennett; same factory made Woodcraft Guild and Lakeside Craft Shops pieces, using off cuts from chair manufacturing

·      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin_Chair_Company


Shop Marks:


66e6_1 wisconsin3


dd_1 F211CMissionChairs1


Wisconsin Furniture Co.

·      Milwaukee, WI (Lincoln, NE ?, San Fransico, CA ?, Neilsville, WI ?, all locations that are noted to have had companies called Wisconsin Furniture Co. in the early 1900s)

·      round dining tables, library tables


Shop Marks:




Wisconsin Mfg. Co.

·      Jefferson, WI, early 1900s

·      general line


Wolverine Mfg. Co.

·      Detroit, MI, ca. 1907 – ca. 1918

·      advertised in the Roycrofters magazine “The FRA” and Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman magazine as the parent company of the Cadillac Cabinet Co.

·      desks, pedestals, general line?


Shop Mark:




Catalog: 1917 price list




Woodcraft Guild

·      Sheboygan, WI, 1909 - 1911

·      Founded by Fred Dennett; forerunner and original name of the Lakeside Craft Shops; pieces made in the Wisconsin Chair Co. factory using off cuts from chair manufacturing 

·      small pieces synonymous with Lakeside Craft Shops first catalog in 1912


Shop Mark: 1) paper label "The WoodCraft Guild" (?), and 2) decal - below:


a stool 7616_1

Examples with additional tags above, presumably representing model numbers


Wrenn Columbia Furniture Co.

·      High Point, NC, early 1900s

·      dressers


Shop Mark:




Frank Lloyd Wright

·      Oak Park/Chicago, IL (1897 - 1910), Spring Green, WI (1911 - 1959), Scottsdale, AR (1933 - 1959)

·      leading figure and salient architect of the Prairie School of design; design work included many important commercial and institutional buildings but also dozens of major homes including the furniture, lighting, windows, accessories, trim, etc.

·      Wright’s designs are built on elements of many styles over several decades, including Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, International, and Modern, with an emphasis on unity of design between exterior and interior, using simplicity and natural materials; pioneered the Usonian style of more affordable and utilitarian homes and furnishings late in his career

·      production was contracted to a variety of workshops and extensive use of built-in furniture was employed to unify architectural design

·      Marion Mahony Griffin was one of Wright’s most talented designers responsible for house furnishing work from 1895 to 1904, returning 1909-1914 to complete many commissions that Wright left behind when he went to Europe

·      Wright designed a line for Heritage Henredon in 1955, in mahogany, that was well marked; the line lacked commercial success but is highly collectable today

·      commissions and furnishings are generally rare and special study is required to determine value; many known pieces are in museum collections

·      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_lloyd_wright

·      http://www.prairiestyles.com/wright.htm


 Shop Marks: only known marks are from Heritage Henredon line produced in 1955, as shown here


chest 0312a b






MilwaukeeChurchTabB%25201 x

1958 architect’s stamp and letterhead from 1903


taliesin1-3%20b frank-lloyd-wright-tile a

Initialed red tiles used to mark completed buildings, and facsimile of the red square logo representing Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, “Taliesin” 



Branded mark “FLW 51”, presumably meaning 1951, claimed to identify a Usonian bench designed for a church; authenticity uncertain.





Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co.

·      Rochester, NY, 1880 - ?

·      also ran a subsidiary, The Office Specialty Mfg. Co. in Canada (see Canadian listing), and also made fishing reels

·      stacking bookcases, card filing drawers and cabinets; mechanical and electrical products, and architectural fittings for banks, offices etc., desk chairs on contract from W.H. Gunlocke Chair Co.


Shop Marks:


fileboxtag 0729h


stampcardbcab a907_3


taga Img20070225_0074


filer x




J.M. Young Furniture Co.

·      Camden, NY, 1890 - 1979

·      chairs, footstools, rockers, settles, tables, desks, bookcases, and limited production pieces; good to high quality line starting in 1904, derivative most notably of L.&J.G. Stickley, also Gustav Stickley and Harden but often with slight differences in joinery

·      supplied and sold wood, leather, nails, horsehair, stain, and dowels, to Harden and F.H. Conant (note the near identical similarity between the F.H. Conant Shop Mark and the early Young Shop Mark – perhaps Young also printed labels for Conant)

·      Harden also used Young machinery to cut mortise and tenon joints

·      maintained ongoing relationship with L.&J.G. Stickley, sharing techniques and finishes; after 1922 J.M. Young actually expanded production and incorporated machinery and salesmen from L.&J.G. Stickley (who had phased out Mission by ‘22); continued production through to the 40’s (much sold for institutional use) but phased out by the end of World War Two, making the company the longest lived active producer of Mission style furniture - much of the furniture found is thus later period


Shop Marks:   


F929BMissionRocker5 1154779447423_young15 x


stool x

Three variants, two variants with lower case lettering, top two examples, and all upper case in bottom example, from 1902 - 1916 (1” X 2”)



1916 - 1920 (2” X 3”) (from gustavstickley.com)


JMY429Label jmyoung

1920 - 1926 (2” X 3”), and 1926 - 1940s (2” X 3”); note slight change from 1920-1926 mark: “…Young’s…” instead of “…Young…”



Original tag found on spring and padded seats


7861879c8 bookracktag 2

Photocopy forgeries



Photocopy forgery


Youngsville Mfg. Co. Ltd.

·      Youngsville, PA, ca. 1900 – 1960s?

·      beds, dressers


Shop Mark: examples noted as “signed”