Canadian Makers and Retailers


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Adams Furniture Co.

·         Toronto, ON, 1895 (as C.F. Adams Co., name changed early 1900s?) – 1970s

·         large home furnishings department store and presumably manufacturer; expanded to four stores by the 1930s

·         general line of Mission and other styles, thin representation in 1907 catalog with expanded line in 1910 catalog


Shop Mark: “The Adams Furniture Company of Toronto LTD.” (found on a period phonograph)




1907.jpg 1910

1907 and 1910


Advertising: period pin/card trays with cast iron stove advertising


tray_treasureline 19_1


Anchor Bedding Co. Ltd.

·         Preston, ON (now Cambridge) (wholesale showrooms in Toronto & Montreal), early 1900s

·         brass and iron beds, Mission style davenports


Catalog: ca. 1910




Baetz Brothers Furniture Co. (Ltd.?)

·         Kitchener, ON (named changed from Berlin 1914), 1908 - 1967? with company name change to Anthes Baetz Furniture Co. ca. 1920

·         chairs, rockers, settle copy of Gustav Stickley


Catalog: facsimile, unknown date


baetz bothers catalog.jpg


Bell Furniture Co. Ltd.

·         Southampton, ON, 1907 - 1937

·         general line; bedroom, living room, dining room, arm chairs


Shop Marks:


e5_1_b IMGP0578 b


Joseph Bouchard

·         Pointe-au-Pic, PQ, ca. 1910 – 1983

·         small family run cabinetmaker shop

·         Morris chair, adjustable floor lamp, lamp table, sideboard, custom work, in Mission style from local hardwoods (birch/maple/elm)


Canada Furniture Manufacturers Limited

·         Woodstock, head office, with factories in Wiarton, Wigham, Woodstock, Waterloo, Walkerton, Berlin (Kitchener), Seaforth, (presumably other locations), ON, wholesale showrooms in Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MN, 1901 - 1914?

·         an amalgamation of no less than 17 - 20 (references vary) furniture companies controlled by Siemons Brothers; reportedly only 3 of the original 16 factories were running by 1908 however the ca. 1911 catalog illustrates 9 factories

·         full line in ‘Mission’, ‘Art Craft’, ‘Old English’ and other styles; manufacturer of Macey bookcases and sectional filing cabinets for Canada (Seaforth factory)

·         Robert Simpson Company Limited catalog of 1911-12 has several CFM pieces from the 1911 catalog shown below


Shop Marks:


IMGP0708 IMGP0708 IMGP0710

Marks found on a Macey stacking bookcase; plain sawn oak office style



Mark found on Macey stacking bookcase with leaded glass fronts





Catalog #11, undated but assumed to be 1911 based on 11th year of business and reference to factory town names, since changed, and patent dates, as found inside


Edwin Challener,  b. 1843 – d. 1914

·         cabinetmaker of George Agnew Reid music cabinet ca. 1905


James A. Cole Furniture Co. Limited

·         Ingersoll, ON, early 1900s?

·         lamp tables


Shop Mark:




F.E. Coombe Furniture Co. Limited (originally Watson and Coombe)

·         Kincardine, ON, 1903 - 1972

·         tables, desks, smokers cabinets, bookcases, all types of seating, office furniture


Catalog: 1916-17 facsimile


coombe 1916-17 cover.jpg


Dominion Furniture Co.

·         Edmonton, AB, ca. 1921

·         tables, dressers


T. Eaton Co. Limited (commonly ‘Eaton’s’)

·         Toronto, ON (warehouses Winnipeg, MN, Moncton, NB), 1869 - 1999

·         iconic largest retail mail order operation in Canada (early order offices across the country) plus early flagship stores in Toronto and Winnipeg

·         general line in Mission which first appears in the Fall-Winter 1905 catalog, with other styles, and continues to at least 1924


Shop marks:


ship1 DSC09065

First example, shipping tag found on a Mission china cabinet


Catalogs: various dates 1906 - 1922/23 which still contains Mission furniture


1906 1909-1910 1913


1916 1917 b winnipeg


1921 Eatons 1923.jpg


Elmira Furniture Co.

·         Elmira, ON, early 1900s

·         chairs in Mission style, presumably also diners, tables, rockers, based on shop mark


Shop Mark:



Globe-Wernicke Co. (see also, listing in American Manufacturers section)

·         Stratford, ON, 1903 – 1926, factory sold in 1926 to Preston-Noelting Ltd.

·         Canadian branch making stacking bookcases, filing cabinets, office supplies


Shop Marks:


untitled cornunittag

First example, retailer’s mark over a bookcase mark, second, from a stacking baookcase



Combination tag noting Preston-Noelting, probably from ca. 1926 when the factory was sold; the Globe name was likely used under license for a certain period


Grand and Toy Ltd. (retailer)

·         Toronto, ON, 1883 - present

·         office furniture and office supplies


Shop Mark:




Hespeler Furniture Co. Ltd.

·         Hespeler, ON (now Cambridge), 1901 - 1964

·         dressers, washstands, beds, assumed general line


Shop Mark:




Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Co. (or commonly Heywood Wakefield)

Heywood Wakefield Furniture Co. of Canada

·         Orillia, ON, 1921 - at least 1926, factory and warehouse, Montreal, PQ, in business 1926, salesroom and warehouse (see also listing in American Makers)

·         Orillia factory noted for production of baby carriages; other products unknown and products carried/shown in Montreal also unknown however given the prolific range of chairs, settles, office chairs, and Mission style wicker produced in the United States it is assumed a variety of product was stored and sold in Canada


John Kay Co. Ltd.

·         Toronto, ON, early 1900s

·         retailer; sold H. Krug Furniture Co. desks

·         amalgamated into Murray-Kay Limited 1910


Shop Mark:




Kindel Bed Company

·         Toronto, ON (New York, Chicago) (see listing in American Makers)

·         sofa beds


Knechtel Furniture Co. Ltd.

·         factories in Walkerton, Hanover (1867), Southampton (1901), ON, 1867 – 1983

·         assumed general line, bookcases, stacking bookcases


Shop Mark:  decal on stacking bookcases, and:




Kroehler Mfg. Co.

·         Stratford, ON, ca. 1913 (see also listing in American Makers)

·         chairs, sofa beds


Shop Mark:


e6_1_b Sep7a021

Two variants, slightly different line weight


H. Krug Furniture Co. Limited

·         Berlin, ON (name changed to Kitchener, ON, 1919), 1880 - present

·         office furniture, Mission tables, desks, chairs, rockers, foot stools, waste baskets, copies of Stickley Brothers, Harden


Shop Marks:  shop marks are generally found on office furniture but not Mission style furniture; stenciled model numbers sometimes seen on Mission style


a IMGP0240 x




Catalog: 1913 (same cover as 1910)




P.T. Legaré Limitée

·         Quebec City, PQ, head office, stores in Sherbrooke and Montréal, 1896 (?) – 1930s

·         retailer general line Mission style, also catalog sales to other Provinces and agricultural/auto equipment


Library Bureau Sole Makers

·         Canadian location (factory ?, branch office ?) based on known shop mark “Library Bureau Sole Makers, Canada”, see details in American Makers section, late 1800s – 1925?

·         filing cabinets, card catalogs


The Lippert Furniture Co. Ltd. / Geo. J. Lippert Table Co.

·         Kitchener, ON, 1899 - early 1930s

·         George Lippert Sr. and George Jacob Lippert are associated with the respective company names noted above; assumed to be family with George Jacob being the junior and who created his own company ca. 1910 – there also are historical references to the H. A. Lippert Furniture Factory in Kitchener

·         tables, jardinière stands, bookstand derivative of Gustav Stickley, ‘Hemco’ Morris chair with sliding footrest


Shop Marks:


tag x5095aak_20.jpg


Malcolm & Souter

·         Hamilton, ON, 1885 - 1969

·         largest historical furniture manufacturer in Hamilton

·         Mission library tables, sideboards, general line assumed


Shop Marks:


DSC02231 DSC02234%20(Medium)


McGill Chairs Ltd.

·         Cornwall, ON, ?  –  at least 1926

·         chairs derivative of Harvey Ellis for Gustav Stickley


George McLagan Furniture Co.

·         Stratford, ON, ca. 1902 - 1918 (the owner, George McLagan, died at work in 1918)

·         general line, dining room sets, hall seats, library tables


Shop Marks:


McL  mcl11 b


060507027a b


Mitchell & McGill

·         Toronto, ON, ? - at least 1929

·         filing cabinets, chairs?


Shop Mark: decal


John C. Mundell & Co. Limited

·         Elora, ON, 1896 - 1929?

·         John C. Mundell was a successor to his father’s (also John) company which began in 1880

·         assumed general line, Morris chairs, telephone table

·         known Morris Chair also seen in Canadian Furniture Manufacturers catalog of 1911 and Robert Simpson Company Limited catalog of 1911-12; as a result it is assumed this company was part of the CFM amalgamation or alternatively, pieces were copied, wholesaled, or plans were licensed


Shop Mark:




Murray-Kay Limited

·         retailer; Toronto, ON, and Montreal, PQ, successor to John Kay Co. Ltd. and W.A. Murray & Company Ltd., 1910 - 1923

·         small tables, umbrella stands, china cabinets etc.


Shop Marks:


926 antiquedesk3


National Table Co., Limited

·         Owen Sound, ON, ca. 1898 – ca. 1929

·         lamp tables, smoker stands, bedroom and dining furniture, library furniture


Shop Mark:




North American Furniture Co. Ltd.

·         Owen Sound, ON, 1910 – ca. 1939

·         dining and bedroom sets, server carts, chairs

·         catalog amalgamation with the Owen Sound Chair Co Ltd., start date unknown


Shop Marks:


DSC04797 1f712914bZZZZZZZZZ8ag764643137fdc11ee




Catalog: 1921 combined with Owen Sound Chair Co. Ltd.


owen sound chair north american furniture 1921.jpg


The Office Specialty Mfg. Co.

·         Newmarket and Toronto, ON, 1888 - 1920s?

·         subsidiary of Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co. of Rochester, NY

·         tables, card filing drawers and cabinets, bank and mail boxes, other office supplies, post office furniture


Shop Marks: mark of “Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., Toronto” is also known, in addition to the following:




DSC04496 IMGP0186


ircu4VAfXKs16tVMLz9zvUVKrLqX DSC04495


Catalog: 1920 post office supply catalog




Owen Sound Chair Co. Ltd.

·         Owen Sound, ON, 1912 – late 1930s

·         living, dining, child, and office chairs

·         catalog amalgamation with the North American Furniture Co. Ltd., start date unknown


Catalog: 1921 combined with the North American Furniture Co. Ltd.


owen sound chair north american furniture 1921.jpg


Preston-Noelting Ltd.

·         Stratford, ON, 1926 – early 1990’s (factory purchased from Globe-Wernicke Co. in 1926)

·         stacking book cases, file boxes, under the “Prestonia” brand name


Shop Marks:


prestonia z

Tag with handwritten pattern and finish codes, and tag with printed pattern and finish codes



Decal mark on the bottom edge of a stacking bookcase door frame, viewable when the door is open and slid into the top of the respective stacking section


George Agnew Reid, b. 1860 – d. 1947

·         genre painter and muralist who also did furniture and interior design, principally in the Toronto area

·         active in academia and society levels

·         furniture examples (noted as 1900, piano and bench, and 1905, music cabinet) held by the National Gallery of Canada

·         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Agnew_Reid


Reid Brothers Manufacturing Company

·         Toronto, ON, early 1900s

·         cabinetmakers of furniture (e.g. piano and bench) designed by George Agnew Reid (no relation)


Reid’s Furniture Store

·         Brampton, ON, early 1900’s

·         retailer; sold Nataional Table Co. tables


Shop Mark:




The St. Lawrence Furniture Co. Limited

·         Riviere-Du- Loup, QC, early 1900s

·         very few Mission style pieces in printed oak finish


Catalog: facsimile, No. 7, date unknown


st lwrence furniture catalogue.jpg


Robert Simpson Company Limited

·         Toronto, ON (also Montreal, Regina, Halifax), 1872-1952 then Simpson Sears

·         large retail mail order operation with flagship store in Toronto; primary competitor to T. Eaton Co. Limited with generally a better selection of Mission oak based on catalog comparison

·         general line in Mission and other styles

·         several pieces in the 1911-12 catalog are seen in the Canadian Furniture Manufacturers catalog of 1911, who is thus likely to have been a major regional supplier




Scan1 (Large) 1221155

1911-12 and 1917-1918


Skinner & Son Co. ?

·         Orillia, ON, early 1900s, retailer or manufacturer?

·         china cabinets


Shop Mark: stenciled “SKINNER & SON CO. / ORILLIA”


Snyder Bros. Upholstering Co.

·         Waterloo, ON, early 1900s

·         “Thorobed” sofa beds


Shop Marks:


5d5d_1 5d2e_1


Stratford Chair Co. Ltd.

·         Stratford, ON, early 1900s

·         side, arm, rocking chairs; pieces with carved geometric designs


Shop Marks:


DSC04673 DSC09069


Strathroy Furniture Company Limited

·         Strathroy, ON, 1896 - 1992

·         sideboards


Shop Mark:


crank15 b


N. G. Valiquette Limited

·         Montreal, PQ, 1894 – 1980s, maybe later

·         large furniture retailer; bedroom and living room Mission furniture


Vetcraft Shops

·         Toronto & Hamilton, ON, 1919 – 1926

·         Canadian Govt. shop that employed disabled veterans of the First World War; Hamilton location reported to be the shop that made furniture and toys

·         children’s desks and chairs; also wooden toys, doll furniture, wooden plaques, and a range of Arts & Crafts hammered metalwork (Toronto shop); also Remembrance Day poppies


Shop Marks:


a untitled x

First two, found on child’s chair and roll-top desk, third, found on a wooden plaque


Victoriaville Furniture Company

·         Victoriaville, PQ, early 1900s

·         general line of printed oak finish Mission style, possibly solid oak as well (?)


Catalog: 1911




Walker and Clegg

·         Wingham, ON, early 1900s

·         lamp tables, library tables, drop leaf table, book trough, arm chairs, rocking chairs, day bed, Morris chairs, settles, many models derivative of Gustav Stickley


Catalog: facsimile, date unknown


walker and clegg catalogue.jpg


Winnipeg Furniture Co.

·         Winnipeg, MN, early 1900s

·         high back benches


Shop Mark: known piece noted as marked