Unknown Makers Hardware, Hardware Suppliers, and Manual Arts Hardware


Unknown Makers Hardware


bookcase / china cabinet / cellarette / cellarette / bookcase

c.jpg o.jpg generic liquor cabinet.jpg j.jpg A1002-3.jpg


bookcase / cellarette / desk

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china cabinet / china cabinet / bookcase / instrument case

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hanging cupboard / hanging cupboard

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dresser / dresser

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cabinet table / desk / desk

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desk / desk / desk

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dresser / desk

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hanging cupboard / hanging cupboard

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drop front desk

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hall mirror / Morris chair

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954c_1.jpg 1023-1084.jpg 060507001a.jpg 060607009a.jpg 111706018a.jpg oak_curio_008.jpg


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generic.jpg INSET-780-186.jpg ZYH1389ofs2332.jpg


 d2_3.jpg ZYH1389ofs2393.jpg 111706021a.jpg


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051806036a.jpg stickley8840i.jpg f388f.jpg



Hardware Suppliers


Grand Rapids Brass Company, Grand Rapids, MI, 1888 - 1956

Reported to have supplied furniture hardware to Charles Limbert, probably Lifetime and Stickley Brothers (Marek 1987), and certainly several others.

Much of the plain back plate and cast ring or pull style hardware used by Grand Rapids furniture makers is attributed to the Grand Rapids Brass Company, however the Keeler Brass Co. (see further below) is confirmed to have made this style of hardware as well.


Advertisements from the Grand Rapids Furniture Journal, 1905, the first showing examples used by Charles Limbert and the second showing other examples seen in this guide (from Marek 1987).

aa.jpg a.jpg


Advertisements from the Michigan Artisan, 1908 & 1909.

1.jpg 2.jpg


advertising pipe holder, date unknown



Keeler Brass Co., Grand Rapids, MI

Undated catalog excerpts; examples from these pages are seen in this guide. As noted above in the discussion of Grand Rapids Brass Company, Keeler is confirmed to have made similar rectangular plate and pull style hardware (pictures 3 and 4 below) and thus the common attributions to Grand Rapids Brass may not always be correct.


IMG_0001 - Copy.png IMG_0002 - Copy.png


IMG_0003 - Copy.png IMG_0004 - Copy.png


IMG_0005 - Copy.png  IMG_0006 - Copy.png


Undated catalog excerpts; examples from these pages are seen in this guide.

periodfurnitureh00keel_0141.jpg periodfurnitureh00keel_0142.jpg

periodfurnitureh00keel_0143.jpg periodfurnitureh00keel_0144.jpg

periodfurnitureh00keel_0145.jpg periodfurnitureh00keel_0146.jpg

periodfurnitureh00keel_0147.jpg periodfurnitureh00keel_0197.jpg

periodfurnitureh00keel_0198.jpg periodfurnitureh00keel_0199.jpg



Manual Arts Hardware


John D. Adams, 1911, Metalwork and Etching

IMG_0008 - Copy.jpg IMG_0007 - Copy.jpg


Arthur F. Payne, 1914, Art Metalwork

IMG_0003 - Copy.jpg IMG_0005 - Copy.jpg 

IMG_0006 - Copy.jpg


Augustus F. Rose, 1908, Copper Work

IMG_0001 - Copy.jpg IMG_0002 - Copy.jpg


Display boards of bench made examples

sample1 - Copy.jpg 

sample2 - Copy.jpg