Arts & Crafts Era Videos


This list is a curated compilation of Arts & Crafts Movement related videos found on YouTube and Vimeo, with a subsequent list of appraisal videos and text from the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. For more than 6 years we ran a Video of the Week feature on our old forum, showing over 300 videos. Inevitably the selection of good videos was used up quickly as we filtered through what was available and what was being newly produced. Presented below is a ‘best of’ selection from these years plus newer selections, organized by similar sub-forum headings currently used in the FORUM. Video lengths vary from minutes to over an hour. Full length documentaries are included in whole and in parts. No guarantees are given as to the objective content found in these videos but care has been used to avoid selections that are lacking in accuracy and presentation quality. Decide on accuracy for yourself or take a point of discussion to the forum. If you find a new unlisted video that you think might be worthy for inclusion, please present it in the appropriate forum section for interest and feedback. Effort has been used to bias as best as possible to high definition resolutions at 720, or at least 480, and to avoid older low resolution selections. Some selections are at full 1080. No selections have been found yet at the current cutting edge of 4K UHD. Enjoy.








Modernism: American Arts & Crafts - Double Oval Table

Identifying Arts and Crafts Furniture


Cooper-Hewitt: The Interiors of Charles Rohlfs - J. Cunningham

Evaluating Your Arts and Crafts Furniture


Preserving an Arts and Crafts Finish

Cleaning an Original Finish


Gerhard Heintzman Arts & Crafts / Mission Style Oak Grand Piano

Gustav Stickley Ladderback Armchair Assessment


Gustav Stickley & Craftsman Workshops



Metalwork & Lighting


Dirk van Erp & His Influence

Gustav Stickley's Use Of Copper


Dirk van Erp Lives

Copper Crafts Created By Stickley


Metalwork - Making a Candle Sconce

Copper Accents Featured At The Stickley Museum


Jugendstil Metall Kunst Art Nouveau Part 1

Chipping Campden Silversmiths Still Hammering Out a Living


Jugendstil Metall Kunst Art Nouveau Part 2

Arts and crafts silver: Pioneering Modernism


Arts & Crafts Stained Glass - a film with author Peter Cormack

Copper Workshops in the Arts & Crafts Movement


Bulb Making with Bob Kyp

The Guild of Handicraft in the British Arts and Crafts Movement


Roycroft Workshops



Art Pottery, & Everything Else Collectible


Antiques Roadshow | Las Vegas, Hour 2 | PBS

The Collection of Robert Ellison


Antiques Roadshow | Washington, DC Hour 2 Promo

David Rago on the Allen Hendershott Eaton Collection


Newcomb College Vase ca. 1905 | Owner Interview | Charleston

David Rago on the Lillian Hoffman Collection


Navajo Blanket Antiques Roadshow

David Rago, Monster (pottery) Hunter


Artus Van Briggle

George E. Ohr - The Mad Potter of Biloxi


Kovels on Art Pottery, Van Briggle

Newark Museum official - 100 Masterpieces of Art Pottery, 1880


First Phase Chief's Blanket sets record at John Moran Auctioneers

Glasgow Four - M. & F. MacDonald, C. R. Mackintosh, J. H. McNair


Nine 3/4 Levant Leather Books from the Roycrofters

Art Nouveau Tiles Jugenstil Fliesen 1900


Women, Art, and Social Change: The Newcomb Pottery Enterprise

Jugenstil Art Nouveau Keramik Ceramics Porzellan 1900-1914


Ruskin Pottery and the British Arts & Crafts Movement

Jugenstil Glas Art Nouveau : Loetz Kralik Poschinger Tiffany


Rookwood Pottery and the Arts & Crafts Movement

Jugenstil Wien Vienna Secession Graphic





G. Stickley & the American Arts & Crafts Movement Exhibition Tour

Styling an American Family: The 1910's at  Craftsman Farms


Gustav Stickley Exhibit - NJN News

24th Annual Arts and Crafts Conference


Newark Museum Registrar Condition Reports for Stickley Exhibition

Arts & Crafts Conference


Apostles of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago, Part 1

Artists Architects and Artisans, Canadian Art 1890-1918 (1)


Art Institute Exhibitions: Apostles of Beauty, Part 2

Artists Architects and Artisans, Canadian Art 1890-1918 (2)





Gustav Stickley House, Syracuse, NY

America's Castles-The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright


Elbert Hubbard | Craftsman Farms | PBS

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House Complex


Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo | PBS Program


A Centennial Celebration At Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms

San Diego Hotels - Lodge at Torrey Pines


Twilight Tour of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

Old Faithful Inn - Yellowstone National Park


Craftsman Farms Restoration

Old Faithful Inn Lobby - Yellowstone National Park


Roycroft Campus - Phantom Tour 13 Most Haunted Places

Art of the Craft Tour at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa


Roycroft Campus Corporation

Red House (part one)


Roycroft Video

Red House (part two)


Roycroft Inn, Roycroft Campus, East Aurora, New York

Support Kelmscott Manor


The Roycroft Inn: 5 Room Suite in East Aurora

Cotswold Way - Complete


What's the Buzz in WNY Ep 30 seg 3 Roycroft Campus

House for an Art Lover - Charles Rennie Mackintosh


Elbert Hubbard | The Gamble House | PBS

Inside Glasgow: The Glasgow School of Art


The Thorsen House - A Greene & Greene Ultimate Bungalow

Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style


The Thorsen House Stair

1/2 Glasgow School of Art - Climbing Great Buildings


The Thorsen House Dining Room

2/2 Glasgow School of Art - Climbing Great Buildings


The Thorsen House Entry & Living Room

Fire fighters tackle blaze at Glasgow School of Art


Loblolly House: A Greene & Greene Inspired Home

Bruised, not destroyed: Glasgow School of Art survives fire


Bungalow Heaven: Preserving A Neighborhood

Glasgow School of Art Fire, a Case Study by SFRS


Best Planned City: Olmsted, Vaux, and the Buffalo Park System

My House Beautiful: Stunning Stickley furniture in Edmonton home





History of the Arts & Crafts Movement, Part 1 of 3

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 1


History of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Part 2 of 3

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 2


History of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Part 3 of 3

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 3


Arts and Crafts Movement

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 4


Arts and Crafts: Design in a Nutshell

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 5


Modernism: American Arts & Crafts

A Lifetime of Collecting by Bruce Johnson 6


Modernism: British Arts & Crafts

Annette Carruthers: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland


Elbert Hubbard | Arts & Crafts

1/3 Charles Rennie Mackintosh - A Modern Man (1996)


Elbert Hubbard | Trailer | Liev Schreiber; Adam Arkin | PBS

2/3 Charles Rennie Mackintosh - A Modern Man (1996)


Elbert Hubbard | East Aurora and Roycroft | PBS

3/3 Charles Rennie Mackintosh - A Modern Man (1996)


Elbert Hubbard | The American Dream | PBS

Charles Rennie Mackintosh lecture


Political Theory - William Morris

1/4 Pugin: God's Own Architect


William Morris - Biography

2/4 Pugin: God's Own Architect


Darmstadt Kunstlerkolonie Behrens Olbrich Jugendstil

3/4 Pugin: God's Own Architect


Jensen's Legacy Featurette

4/4 Pugin: God's Own Architect


Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America




ANTIQUES ROADSHOW APPRAISALS (excluding Tiffany except FAKES section)


Adirondack Chairs, ca. 1900 (TEXT)

Oregon Arts & Crafts Bookcase, ca. 1902

Charles Rohlfs Mahogany Chair, ca. 1910

Arts & Craft Roycroft Inn Desk, ca. 1907 (TEXT)

Roycroft Arts & Crafts Book Cabinet

1901 Gustav Stickley Plate Rack Model 903

1902 Gustav Stickley Bookcase at Crabtree Farms

Ellis-Stickley Music Cabinet, ca. 1903

Gustav Stickley Armchair

Gustav Stickley Library Table, ca. 1904

Gustav Stickley Andirons, ca. 1905

Gustav Stickley Rocker, ca. 1905 (TEXT)

Early 19th-Century Gustav Stickley Sideboard

Stickley Mantle Clock, ca. 1911

Gustav Stickley Dining Room Set

Gustav Stickley Lamps, ca. 1913

Gustav Stickley Bookcase, ca. 1914

Leopold & John George Stickley Chair, ca. 1917 (TEXT)

Tall-Back Arts & Crafts Chair

Mission-Style Adirondack Rocker

Western-Style Furniture, ca. 1930

1905 Frank Lloyd Wright Chair

English Arts and Crafts Sideboard, ca. 1905

English Arts & Crafts Sideboard

English Wash-Stand with Tiles, ca. 1900


1904 Dog Show Trophy (TEXT)

Clemens Friedell Silver & Jade Box

1920 Kalo Silver Service

Kalo Silver Collection

Jessie M. Preston Candlesticks, ca. 1905

Roycroft "American Beauty" Vase, ca. 1910

Roycroft Copper Vase, ca. 1910

1894 Louis Sullivan Elevator Grill

Dirk Van Erp Vase, ca. 1910

Arts & Crafts Sapphire & Opal Necklace, ca. 1915


Early 20th C. Bradley & Hubbard Lamp

Bradley & Hubbard Lamp, ca. 1908

Moe-Bridges Table Lamp, ca. 1900

Elizabeth Burton Lamp, ca. 1910 (TEXT)

Cincinnati Iron Works Lamp, ca. 1910

Duffner & Kimberly Leaded Glass Table Lamp

1906 Duffner & Kimberly “Greek” Lamp

Duffner & Kimberly Lamp, ca. 1909

Dufner & Kimberly Desk Lamp, ca. 1909

Early 20th-Century Duffner & Kimberly Lamp

Early 20th-Century Duffner & Kimberly Shade (TEXT)

Duffner & Kimberly Sconce, ca. 1910

Fulper Lamp, ca. 1910

Early 20th-Century Gorham Leaded Glass Lamp

Handel Bronze Lamp, ca. 1900

Handel Lamp with Painted Shade, ca. 1900

Handel Leaded Glass Shade, ca. 1907

Handel Reverse-Painted Lamp, ca. 1924

Limbert Co. Arts & Crafts Lamp, ca. 1915

Pairpoint Lamp, ca. 1910

Pairpoint Sea Gull Lamp, ca. 1910

Unique Art Glass Shade & Moe-Bridges Base Table Lamp

Dirk Van Erp Lamp, ca. 1910

Dirk Van Erp Lamp, ca. 1910 (TEXT)

Dirk Van Erp Lamp, ca. 1910

Dirk Van Erp Lamp, ca. 1911

Dirk Van Erp Copper Lamp, ca. 1925

American Arts & Crafts Chandelier, ca. 1905

1920 Arts & Crafts Desk and Lamp (TEXT)

American Slag Glass Lamps

English Arts & Crafts Chandelier, ca. 1900

Art Pottery

Arts & Crafts Plaques, ca. 1900

A.E. Tile Co. Panel, ca. 1920

Brouwer Fire-Painted Vase, ca. 1900

Chicago Faience Vase, ca. 1905

California Faience Vase, ca. 1925

Two Charles Clewell vases, ca. 1925

Dedham Pottery Plates

Dedham Pottery Vase

1914 Durant Kilns Tray with Base

Susan Frackelton Art Pottery

Fulper "Cattail" Vase, ca. 1910

Grueby Jar & Rhead Butterfly Vase

Grueby Pottery Vase, ca. 1905

Grueby Pottery Green-Glaze Vase, ca. 1910

Grueby Pottery Ship Tile, ca.1910

Grueby Tile Cuenca Seagull, ca. 1915 (TEXT)

”The Jungle Book“ Arts & Crafts Plates, ca. 1905 (TEXT)

Marblehead Pottery Tile, ca. 1908

20th-Century Marblehead Decorated Vases (TEXT)

Early 20th-Century Moorcroft Florian Ware Vase (TEXT)

Mueller (?) Tile Plaque, ca. 1920

Newcomb Pottery: Cream of the Crop, by David Rago (ESSAY)

Newcomb College Vases

Newcomb & Marblehead Art Pottery

Newcomb College Ceramic Pitcher, ca. 1900

1901 & 1908 Newcomb College Mugs

Newcomb College Chocolate Set, ca. 1905

Newcomb College Vase, ca. 1905

Bonus Video: See the Newcomb Vase After Cleaning

1920 Newcomb College Vase

Newcomb College Pottery, ca. 1925

Newcomb College Pottery, ca. 1928

1908 Newcomb College Pottery Vase

Niloak Missionware Humidor, ca. 1920

I Really Hated Ohr, by David Rago (ESSAY)

George Ohr Vessel, ca. 1900 (TEXT)

George Ohr Tea Pots

Next of Kiln: The Overbeck Sisters, by Dennis Gaffney (ESSAY)

Owens Pottery Portrait Vase

Pickard Studios Chocolate Set, ca. 1917 (TEXT)

Early 20th-Century Pewabic Pottery Collection

20th-Century Pewabic Pottery & Painting

F.H. Rhead Avon Jardiniere

Frederick H. Rhead Avon Vase, ca. 1902

Frederick Rhead Chamber Pot & Shaving Mug

Adelaide Robineau Porcelain Vase

Rookwood Pottery Collection

Rookwood Silver Jug

Rookwood & French Pottery Jardinières

1901 Rookwood "Big Bow" Vase

1903 Rookwood Vase

Mae Timberlake Roseville Tankard, ca. 1905

1905 Shirayamadani Rookwood Vase

1911 Rookwood Iris Glaze Vase

1913 Rookwood Vellum Vase

1916 Rookwood Scenic Vellum Plaque

1918 Sally Coyne Rookwood Plaque (TEXT)

Anton Lang Rookwood Plate, ca. 1920

1924 Rookwood Production Vase

1929 Rookwood Production Elephant Bowl

1930 & 1931 Rookwood Matte Vases

Rookwood Silver Overlay Ewer, ca. 1905

Roseville Della Robbia Vase, ca. 1906

1906 Roseville Fujiyama Vase

Roseville Persian Umbrella Stand, ca. 1916

Roseville Sunflower Vase, ca. 1925

Rozenburg Pottery, ca. 1900

San Ildefonso Pottery Olla, ca. 1915

Two 1914 Saturday Evening Girls Tiles (TEXT)

Teco Pottery Buttressed Vase, ca. 1905

Teco Pottery Vase, ca. 1905

Teco Vase, ca. 1910

Teco Pottery Vases

University of North Dakota Vases

U. of North Dakota School of Mines Collection (TEXT)

(University of) North Dakota School of Mines Vase, ca. 1935

UND Vase by Margaret Cable, ca. 1926

Van Briggle "Lorelei" Vase

Two 1902 Van Briggle Vases (TEXT)

1903 Van Briggle Vase with Flowers

Van Briggle Vase, ca. 1904

1904 Van Briggle Vase & Expo Medal

1904 Van Briggle "Climbing for Honey" Vase

Van Briggle Vase, ca. 1904

1905 Van Briggle Vase

1906 Van Briggle Vase

William J. Walley Pottery Bowl

Welller Eocean Vases & Owens Utopian Vase

Weller Dickens Ware Skull Humidor

Weller Pottery Dickensware II Vase, ca. 1900

Weller Sicard Vase, ca. 1903

Weller Eocean Claude Leffler Pot, ca. 1905

Weller Pottery Vase, ca. 1910

Weller Painted Tiles, ca. 1920

Weller Coppertone Vase, ca. 1925

Art Pottery & The Imitation Game (Wheatley - Grueby)

Wheatley Pottery Vase, ca. 1905

Thomas J. Wheatley Vase, ca. 1905

Native American (including weaving, vessels, baskets, excluding tools/weapons/beadwork/carving/other art)

Acoma Olla, ca. 1927

Lucy M. Lewis Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Yavapai Apache Pictorial Basket

Chitimacha Double-Woven Basket, ca. 1920

Cochiti Pueblo Pot, ca. 1900

Cheyenne Possible Bag & Souvenir Bag

Hopi Pot attributed to Nampeyo, ca. 1900

Early 20th-Century Hopi Pottery Jar

Hopi Pottery Seed Jar, ca. 1908

Nampeyo Hopi Seed Jar, ca. 1915

Hupa Baskets, ca. 1900

Makah Treasury Baskets, ca. 1910 (TEXT)

Maria Martinez pot, ca. 1925

Miami Indian Ribbonwork, ca. 1910

Mission Indian Basket, ca. 1920

Two Miwok Baskets, ca. 1905 (TEXT)

Navajo Jewelry Collection, ca. 1900

Mid-19th Century Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket

Navajo Second Phase Chief's Blanket, ca. 1855

1870s Navajo Chief’s Blanket (TEXT)

Navajo Third Phase Chief's Blanket, ca. 1875

Navajo Germantown "Eye Dazzler" blanket, ca. 1885

Navajo Germantown Wool Rug, ca. 1890

Navajo Woman’s Wearing-Blanket-Style Rug

Navajo Yei Weaving, ca. 1930

Navajo Yei Weaving, ca. 1935

Navajo Weaving, ca. 1940

North American Indian Collection

Osage Ribbon Appliqué Blanket, ca. 1925 (TEXT)

Paiute Beaded Baskets, ca. 1920

Pima Baskets, ca. 1910

Pomo Gift Basket, ca. 1860

Three Pomo Baskets & One Washoe Basket, ca. 1900 (TEXT)

Lucy M. Lewis Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Southwest Pueblo Indian Pottery

Saltillo Weaving, ca. 1860

Late 19th-Century San Ildefonso Pueblo Pot (TEXT)

San Ildefonso Pottery Olla, ca. 1915

Tlingit Bottle & Hupa Basket, ca. 1900

Tlingit Chilkat Weaving, ca. 1915

Tlingit Spruce Root Rattle-Top Basket

Yokut Bottleneck Basket, ca. 1900

1915 J.D. Medina Zia Four Seasons Pot

Maynard Dixon-Owned Zia Olla, ca. 1920

Zuni Olla (Pot), ca. 1885 (TEXT)

Zuni Water Pot, ca. 1890 (TEXT)

Paintings / Photos / Woodblock Prints / Books

1902 Adam Emory Albright Oil Painting

1906 Louis Akin Chromolithograph

Early 20th-Century Mathias Alten Landscape

Gustave Baumann Woodcuts, ca. 1920

Dana Bartlett Painting, ca. 1930 (TEXT)

J. F. Carlson Painting, ca. 1930

1896 Kelmscott Press Works of Chaucer

Fern Isabel Coppedge Painting, ca. 1925

"North American Indian," Vol. 1 by Edward S. Curtis

1906 T. Roosevelt Portrait by Curtis

Edward Curtis Orotones, ca. 1908

Frank H. Desch Oil, ca. 1920

1912 Maynard Dixon Oil Painting

1919 Maynard Dixon Painting

Fremont Ellis Painting, ”Red River Canyon.....“

20th-Century John Fery Painting, Glacier National Park

John Fery Painting, ca. 1912 (TEXT)

Joseph Fleck Taos Landscape, ca. 1927

Philip R. Goodwin Oil Painting, ca. 1910

20th-Century Percy Gray Watercolor (TEXT)

Norma Bassett Hall Woodcut (TEXT)

1923 First Edition Dard Hunter Book

Dard Hunter's Old Papermaking, By Ben Phelan (ESSAY)

Louis Aston Knight Oil Painting, ca. 1910

William Robinson Leigh Painting, ca. 1925 (TEXT)

D. Howard Hitchcock & Bertha Lum Paintings

1906 William Leroy Metcalf Oil Painting, “Reflections of Spring”

1907 Carl Everton Moon Painting

1913 Thomas Moran Chromolithograph

1911 Julian Onderdonk Painting

William Louis Otte Pastel, ca. 1930

Charles Edwin Ruttan oil painting, ca. 1920

1927 Birger Sandzen Painting

Joseph Henry Sharp Oil, ca. 1920 (TEXT)

Jessie Willcox Smith Oil on Board, ca. 1925

Dorothy Carleton Smyth Paintings, ca. 1905

Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel Oil

Robert Wood Bluebonnets Oil, ca. 1930

Cullen Yates “Hazy Day Autumn” Oil Painting, ca. 1920

Places / MISC

Arts & Crafts Dollhouse

Paint Salesman's Mechanical Display, ca. 1905

1902 Frank Lloyd Wright Blueprints


Fake George Elmslie Chair

Fake Lalique Vase

Charles Limbert Signed Oil Lamp, ca. 1905 FAKE

20th-Century Reproduction Northwest Coast Totem Pole

George Ohr Pitcher with Fake Glaze, ca. 1905

Fake George Ohr Vase, ca. 2013

Fake TECO Vase

Two New Green Pottery Vases

20th-Century Fake Tiffany Lamp

Fake Tiffany Vase & Paperweight

Fake Weller Vase, ca. 1940